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The Trusted Way Out Madmen Entanglements

Mar 4, 2023

The route of less resistance is hardly the route of wisdom. Year after year, I have seen those words come true in the life of many that choose either. It’s like the way of he cross.

I choose this day to narrate to you a little about the experience. I have garnered with the above expression. A decade accumulation of such experience I believe should be enough for you to at least rate me as qualified if not an expert in the field.

You may be wondering what I had been resisting for more than a decade. Many things, physical and spiritual harms. I think it is important you realize that touring the route of fewer resistance warrants meeting certain conditions or you are gone.

There are many kinds of resistance and all need different modes of tackling each. What I am telling you is that some results of some resistance warrant encountering physical and lately spiritual harm so warrants knowing oneself well.

The central message requires that you be in the truth 24 hours and not changing one’s stand as the situation changes. I have seen oppressors employ what I call delay and manipulative tactics to get their way with the truth. Stretching things unnecessarily is their other weapon and it’s simply because they can.

Why would any clean mind be twisting the truth for years and waiting for you to succumb along the way then it will be the ratio of 100:2 of the truth to their manufactured or your supposed lie.

Nowadays everyone is a talisman, witch doctor, and laying claims of every kind to holiness, truthfulness, and possessing sagacity to nativity known to him and his ancestors alone. People like that will tell you they can travel back to the time of Christ and Romans and figure out the truth of any document in history. Maybe they can but I am not convinced that where and what they saw is as they claimed, above all, I am not interested in such abilities. Why would one start travelling backwards just to not accept the truth before him?

A man with all the forces of the law and cult group behind him and following your bumper-to-bumper for ten years plus is not acting under any confusion. He is not missing any truth of the matter since those years, he is waiting for you to slip or start singing another tone and then bear the consequences of their favorite actions for those years. You need to be clean beyond reproach of any kind to withstand the antics of those people. Like Christians say. You are not fighting against flesh but principalities in high places.

They cover all ground including religious ones while using every occult power available to them. You are seen as an enemy that needed to be put out of existence for them to sleep with two eyes closed. Their heart desires are no other thing than to put you out of circulation. You are challenging their order of doing things, their means of wealth and power over People and the people that want to fix you can do anything, stoop to any level to get you. Threaten not only you but your family, business and join any group and manipulate any needed thing to fix you.

As they say, it is hard to follow someone in all four for years without getting a break within a year. Once it crossovers to two, it is trying your luck thing and hoping for a lucky escape break. That is their MO and it is what had been happening.

You need to be beyond reproach of every kind to escape their traps and have the patience to accommodate their insult and demonic logic that makes sense only to them. The advantage here is that through their attack and attempt to get you, they commit more crimes and this new god is one that never rest until blood start following. So, they not only fear repercussions but tread with care at times.

When a man with authority is in a fix, he hardly thinks reasonably and acts without thinking at times. Such makes them dangerous. So knowing yourself is of vital importance for your security. Remember that admonition from the holy book. When they can not get you direct, they go indirectly through your family.

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