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The Quantum Tunnels Within Us

Dec 12, 2020
M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Core Spirit member since Nov 26, 2020
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Looking to nature for understanding is a great approach for defining abstract idea, I think of it as reverse engineering my surroundings in an attempt to understand the functions of the the nature which I am experiencing my life within. Sometimes we are staring directly at our answer, while other times we had the answer already but we couldn’t recognize it.

            Therefore I would like to look inward at our physiology to look for an analog which represents the process of Quantum Tunneling.

Quantum Tunneling occurs throughout our universe as well as inside our universal body. Before looking to our universal body for answers let’s look at another example within the external universe. For instance, when a photon is traveling along it has a certain energy and therefore it’s wave is relative to this energy.

                Lets say that a photon is a wave of water, that wave is traveling along and it runs directly into a wall, the mass of the wall is greater than that of the wave, because of this the wave bounces back in the direction which it came from, except now the wave has lost energy.

              When Tunneling occurs you can imagine some of that water making it through the wall and coming out the other side and is still behaving in the same manner except with less energy, therefore the wave is much smaller than it was before hitting the barrier. Now if you imagine both the reflected wave and the distal wave traveling away from each other in opposite directions, this shows how the initial energy has not changed, its only been divided and sent in opposite directions of one another thus creating a flux as it simultaneously travels away from itself.

               However the point which I’m attempting to articulate is how this tunneling occurs in the micro just as it does in the macro. Now back to the wave which has made it through the wall and is now traveling with decreased kinetic energy. Also it’s important to note that the wall is just like any other wall or barrier, being that it’s made up of many junctions just as bricks form a wall, the wall represents tight junctions which make up our barriers such as capillary walls and even skin.               However these junctions have space between them regardless how tight they may be, this concept is what makes osmosis possible.     The wall the wave hit was like any other barrier as it too is permeable.

              Now let’s look again at the now weeker wave which made it through the barrier. We now have went from one wave to two waves traveling in opposite directions, that intial wave now sets in superposition, as it is now traveling away from itself. We still have the same energy from the intial wave except we split it in half, the energy is now being distributed differently throughout its space but as it is the same wave, except now it’s different forms.

            This is the idea behind Quantum transport which is a result from homeomophism hence the different forms. Now once again imagine the two waves traveling away from each other, their will be a point within that given space where the two waves are the same size and have the same energy, that is a visual aid for the topographic concept of homeomophism as well as superpositioning.

                This makes it possible for a line to become a curve and a curve can become a line, via changing aka morphing, the wave was morphed by the barrier it struck. This is a very simple explanation of tunneling and I hope it helps you capture the idea at hand.

            Now let’s look for an analog of Quantum tunneling which exists within nature. In this example we will be looking within our own nature. I believe many examples are right in front of our eyes, in this case that example is going to be the blood brain barrier and how particles which flow via it are also behaving in a manner which is similar to that of quantum tunneling.    In this case I would like to elaborate by looking at the process which is thought to occur when iron passes via an anatomical barrier which also consists of the same tight junctions as our wall in the prior analogy.

               Iron is a vital key to our physiology as it transports oxygen and C02 in the form of hemoglobin. When the iron is traveling along and runs into the blood brain barrier, it to does so via quantum transport. When the iron collides with the barrier it is morphed from (F, F¹, F²) What comes out on the other side of the barrier is called (F³) aka transferrin which is what iron is transported on. Therefore you have part of the iron which hit the wall coming out on the other side, also with less mass and thus force.

                At this point the iron has went via homeomophism as it is now split and sets in superposition, being both proximal and distal to the barrier simultaneously.   Once again imagine that wave traveling away from itself, in the case of physiology this is the flux which is responsible for iron uptake reuptake as it continually thrives to reach homeostasis, without the homeomophism this wouldn’t be possible.

             In conclusion the homeomophism is what makes the idea of a quantum manifold so feasible, the tunneling occurs in such a manner that we have the roots of a tree, airways in the lungs and the capillaries in our tissues all branches and bifurcate in an identical fashion of probability. Also gas exchange, the placenta, BBB and many more physiological barriers are all tunneled by particles in the same type of quantum transport. The next time you cast a rock over water, pay close attention to the ripples as they are also the result of topographic homeomophism, even a rock skipping on water behaves the same as a photon skipping via time.


M.T. Hubbard-Bright
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