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The Quantum Nature of Lightning Bugs

Dec 12, 2020
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Now that we have looked at consciousness using quantum theory to explain the faculties of the mind, I would now like to look at nature to find an analog which explains Quantum mechanics. Before going into the natural analog I would like to remind everyone of a very basic principle in regard to quantum mechanics and photon quantum computing.

                A photon quantum computer uses photons to perform calculations, as a calculation is performed a quantum dance of light occurs. Imagine a thousand photons and then imagine each single photon containing bits of information. As the thousand points of light entangle they simultaneously exchange many bits of information which eventually come to the most probable conclusion after a massive end of information has occurred.

                  Once again to put it simply you have many photons communicating bits of information with one another. This is what allows a quantum computer to calculate billions of years worth of information within minutes, after all the information is being exchanged through light, which as we all know moves at an astounding pace. Now with all this in mind lets look to nature for an analog aka an analogy which is a representation of quantum mechanics.

                 This is very important to achieve an understanding as well as valdating any type of theory. What I believe to be a perfect example of quantum mechanics in nature is as beautiful as it is thought provoking.

It’s one of the most mesmerizing sights a child can see, that sight is, lightning bugs.

                 Yep, you read it right, now let’s look at how lightning bugs are a literal representation of quantum mechanics. As they light up the night in a beautiful display you are watching a quantum dance translated into our macro world. As the lightning bugs let their light shine a very similar concept is at work.

                    The lighting bug produces an enzyme called luciferin (Lucifer is Latin for Light bearer). The enzyme then binds with oxygen which produces oxyluciferin. The oxyluciferin in turn produces, one photon which in turn gives the bug it’s lightning. As the thousands of bugs shoot off photons they are communicating with one another in what I would call a beautiful quantum dance of light.

                  As the bugs light up the night it may appear completely random but what you are actually seeing is a percise communtion via photons. The bugs use light just as we use words to communicate, mate and gather information, therefore you are seeing an entanglement of photons with your naked eye. The dance of light is a literal example of the entanglement of photons as well as superpositioning. The superpositioning occurs as you simultaneously view photons at their brightness point(new light) as well as their dimmest point (old light).

                   Therefore you are seeing the very definition of superpositioning occur directly in front of your eyes. In conclusion, I propose that all information in any dimension all behave in the same manner that being the quantum nature of everything.

                    So the next time you see a feild full of lightning bugs I beg you to take a moment to appreciate its beauty and most of all its simplicity as you watch a truly natural quantum dance of light.
  • M.T. Hubbard-Bright
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