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The Quantum Nature of Consciousness
Dec 11, 2020

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Does consciousness have a quantum nature? One can think anything they would like as many likely possibilities set in superposition. However, an original thought or novel idea is not localized by your observation. A new idea is the sum of the parts of all your prior ideas. Imagine a photon being the data which constitutes the idea.

                   All of your thoughts(electrons) collide with each other, along the way they exchange the data(photon)of the thought with each other until they have collided resulting in a photon with a new mass which equals the sum of all the photons which had accumulated into a wave building bigger as information is exchanged.

                   Mass decay is simultaneously accumulating due to photon ejections leaving the electrons with less mass which means less energy and lower amplitude. The current travels through the information network picking up bits or fragments of each photon. The pack of accumulated photons or data then finally binds with the foresight cast out in front of the wave of consciousness.

                      The foresight behaves the same way as consciousness as more data is being exchanged and the sum of that data is the wave being cast forward. Once again super position occurs, this occurs when someone looks ahead(foresight), looks back(hindsight) or is looking at the current frame which they are experiencing and seeing.

              The perception of a moment you have of your life is the sum of your hindsight and foresight. You could say your always looking ahead as well as backwards simultaneously, as you go forward, just like electrons and positrons.

                 The reality you experince is a localized observation of every observation entangled with each other resulting in a sum or new data from the prior sum. Say your consciousness is a cake, all the knowledge within you, knowledge you’ve known to what you anticipate to know is what that cakes made out of. When you observe its like taking a slice from the cake, you get the peice of cake which you anticipated to eat while using hindsight or learned knowledge to complete the anticipated moment.

                    Any one moment is the entanglement of the moment which came before and after the moment being observered. Also superposition occurs simultaneously with observation, this allows us to perform multiple tasks(learned data) while multitasking(learning data). Therefore your recalling stored data while also creating it new. Therefore super positioning is still occurring after localization from the observation.

                     Every other position localized prior to the observation is still localized within the last vectors in which you looked at. This allows you to think ahead while simultaneously talking to a friend about the past. Furthermore more this phenomenon perfectly explains the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and their dualistic nature.

             Thus the big question is does consciousness have a quantum nature? If so, what are the implications? Also what could we learn from consciousness to help explain quantum physics?

- M.T. Hubbard-Bright

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