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The Quantum Entanglement of Consciousness

Dec 11, 2020
M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Core Spirit member since Nov 26, 2020
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Einstein described quantum mechanics as ‘spooky’. This is because the mechanics have lead to a conclusion, that two separate particles at any distance can remotely and almost instantly, interact with each other.

                    Not only can they interact but they can also change each others properties in accordance in which it was observed or measured. Now let’s take this spooky fundamental and apply it to a quantum theory of consciousness. In this moment I would like to shine my mind’s light on quantum entanglement. Each person has an individual consciousness, the sum of all individual’s consciousness equal the collective consciousness.

                   However as we boar via time, each individual consciousness is entangled with another as the collective consciousness is simultaneously being changed. The collective consciousness is the learned data which over time each one of us modifies. This could be looked at as common sense as it is always evolving with each generation adding new knowledge to old ideas. As the learned data is modified there is a change in common-data.

                        Therefore one should never underestimate the power of an original idea. An original idea is individual learning which will later be absorbed into the collective of what was learned causing an evolution in the collective consciousness. The CC is always changing relative to the change in each individual consciousness. When an individual has a novel Idea quantum decoherence occurs as the Individual consciousness is creating new knowledge.

                    Only a completely original idea sets outside the entanglement of consciousness. As each Individual consciousness begins to observe the new idea an instantaneous change in the collective occurs. As the novel idea is observed more and more it soon becomes learned data as well. No evolution of the collective consciousness is possible without original, individual thought.

                    Dark matter would represent false data, lies or deceptions, the dark collective unfortunately continues to evolve as well. Let’s try a metaphor, say the collective consciousness is a screw being drilled into a wall which represents the space that it travels through. As the screw enters the wall it begins throwing out sawdust and creating a space as it travels along.

                     The sawdust would be the particles of that space being thrown in every direction as the consciousness boars its space, all the particles within the space behave the same as they mirror the motion of the screw, this is the quantum consciousness tunneling, also the pattern at which the sawdust is thrown creates an entire field of study which we call physics.   This is ironic as it would make the physicist the creator of his own science which he can never seem to figure out.
  • M.T. Hubbard-Bright
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