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The Power Of Thoughts

May 8, 2023
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It plays a vital role in your personal development. Because what you’re seeing in the outer world now reflects your self-image of life. It could be rich, or poor me depending on your background and stories of adulthood.

It constructs who you’re due to the frequency of thoughts replicating. Hence, it built up the beliefs in you. Problem can appear in this situation as some of the misleading maybe inaccurate and you have to find the alternatives. But they usually sought solace in the excuses that it was rooted in our personality. However, the truth is we can change it in by using some reprogramming technique in spite of its deepness.

People meet in the same situations so it’s unnecessarily shameful to be shameful about the past experiences that shaped up your personality. Because epigenetic memories can be passed down through 14 generations, it’s hard to shed the old thought patterns and transcend yourself to become limitless. But it’s your birthright to affirm the right traits to keep with life’s journey.

Clearing and cleansing the burden can take some time and consistency but it’s worth it. In essence, mindset works like how quantum entanglement functions. Imagine one particle stores your realistic conceptual about envisoning perspective, you can change it by making changes in your local particle. In order to make it move, be more conscious about what you choose to think and looping the message you want yourself to transform, it could be “I am weathy and abundance” or “I am powerful”.

What you’re doing is scientifically reprograming the memories in your DNA. A Harvard study has shown that we can encode approximately 70 billion copies of an Ebook to a DNA and upload it back to the server. How miraculous it possesses! Back to the story, as you can see with that huge amount of information that can be stored, it will take you some courage to accomplish the mission. During the process, please care more about your mental state because some past memories can come back and try to bring you back to the old version due to the law of autonomous rebalancing in everything.

In order to overcome the fears and phobias you had previously, leap a faith in the your ability to redirect everything in the deserved direction.

What you think you become

Imagine life is the place for watering and seeding. Plants can only grow strongly if you can nourish the soil and bring them the best conditions for growth. When time comes, it’ll give you the fruit. That fruition only happens when you don’t too be hurried or digging up to see if the seed is growing, purely leave it alone and trust it will happen. Life operates the same way due to the law of Gestation — every process needs to go through a period of time during which it is conceptualized and actualized.

Notably, expecting to receive an apple when you seed a banana seed is impractical. People often anticipate a bright future when all in their head are bad life visualizations. Each time you choose to focus on something, a new belief could potentially be conceptualized through this dark magic process. It’s about being conscious about when to step out of overthinking, fear, and anxious feelings. Ask yourself: Does the outcome serve my life’s purpose or am I ruining it slowly?

Don’t blame for external conditions. It’s more a matter of how you choose to react to it, not in proactively response to them. A poor me mindset won’t solve anything much, thinking you can take control of external conditions will elevate your determination and strong will. Remind yourself before bed time regularly: “I am the creator, I am ready to take back the power and use it to create my own life”.

The outcome will not work as soon as you repeat it with feelings and emotions. Learn how to bring up the excited feeling inside, prodding your ability to accomplish the messages. Emotion is more important than clear messages, or affirmation. It triggers the motivation inside you, the real fire that’s hard to extinguish since it’s your fire not the speech of other people. It shall cease one day.

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is the mystery
But today is the gift
— From Kung Fu Panda

One thing we have to take care of is using the present now in your affirmation. Don’t bind with the future and past, everything works magically when you shift your focus into the present. You should realize that what you’re doing is always serving to change. Each decision was made, it builds up your future, even if you believe everything is already predestined, still each decision can give you various possibilities. Trying to make the speech under the present tense such as I am ___ Repeating it slowly as you could to make it sink into your mind, make an attempt to let that state become the last thoughts before you enter your stem period.

The results may show up after a period of time so don’t feel scared or worry anything, choosing to doubt will only worsen everything. Imagine like you’re placing a product on Amazon, you don’t have to think how it will ship it to you or how long, simply put a parcel full of trust thoughts and firm feeling and trust it will work. It will work out in the way you least expect.

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