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The Power of No

Aug 16, 2021
Keeva Dagg
Core Spirit member since Aug 4, 2021
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What a complex word for only two letters! It has power. Like anything with power, it is amazing when you know how to use it. No represents a confidence that we know our boundaries. We have listened to past experiences and learned where to draw our lines. It sends a strong message to the universe that we respect ourselves. With each no that we say, there is a yes behind it. The no has the potential to create space for the things that really serve us in life.

When we experience having an abundance of water in our lives, yes can become our habitual response to everything. With water we are sensing the environment and picking up on what people need. Water connects us to our womb space, the feminine nature within. Without boundaries it literally merges with everything. The issue we can run into with this is if we try to cleanse everyone with our watery sensitive care, we just end up with dirty water that we then have to carry.

Imagine it like water in nature. When water has the boundaries of the riverbanks, the water flows beautifully over rocks. Aerating and remineralizing. It has a vitality to it, and it filters itself as it move through the process of traveling over the land. Without boundaries we have things like floods where water rushes around into everything. Mixing with all of the energies causing destruction. This is what happens when we try to be everything for everyone.

With saying no the boundaries are created and upheld along the banks of our rivers. Using this mentality there is a trust that our river can remain where it is doing its thing. The belief is manifested that the people who need our water will find it themselves. Our focus in that sense is to simply flow and maintain boundaries. Letting go of the story that we need to push our way into other people’s lives to fix them.

In the beginning it can feel like a foreign response to turn down invitations, offers, or opportunities. Remember during that phase that behind every no is a yes. With each no you are not just rejecting what is before you, you are refining what you genuinely want and feel aligned with. That point in time then drops into the pool of the universe like a pebble. Rippling out change in your future because you have fine tuned your vibration just a little bit more.

I invite you to check-in with yourself with the questions below.

What am I saying yes to in my life that I really want to say no to?

If I say no to three things this week, what would I make space for?

Why do I feel the need to say yes when my soul says no? How can I release that story?

Your time is the most precious thing you are in possession of right now. How you spend it is a sacred decision. The more you live within this reality the better spent your time will be. Remembering that life is short, and each moment deserves to be in alignment with your highest soul calling. Things that bring you joy, make you feel alive, being of service to a greater good. Saying no to the things that are not in alignment makes you a warrior of your soul and you will be greatly rewarded.

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