December 11

The Painting of My Life

The picture of my life I have painted

Is not at all a beautiful site

I tried to paint it perfectly

Oh how I tried

I know it looks like spilled paint

That was just from my lies

Alot of it I painted black

So my painting is set in the night

Oh how I regret

Not adding some more light

I can’t even look at it

As it’s such an ugly sight

I wish I had a new canvas

Since now I can do it right

Im a better painter now

I finally added some light

That completely dark sky

Is now a beautiful night

I even changed

It’s old frame

It was week you see

As it was made of shame

How thankful I am

Its one thing

I can always change

That same old ugly painting

Looks pretty good now

In it’s new gold frame

-M.T. Hubbard-Bright

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