The Magic of the Unknown
Oct 5, 2021

In life, there is so much uncertainty. But we have a choice on how to handle this. Always. It’s often a game of control or else a game of surrender…. and often also, a balancing act between the two.

When we act in control and try to manipulate outcomes in our lives, there is so little room for flow and flexibility. It’s more of an act of rigidity. There is always tremendous benefits to plan and set goals and to look forward into the future. But every plan needs a bit of room for the unforeseen… at least a bit of room in your heart and soul.

I think it’s just a natural human tendency to want to establish a bit of certainty. It feels good to know, and it boosts confidence when we calculate our every move to ensure a pre-determined path. But it’s not always possible to control every step of the way…

Life is fluid. It is not rigid and calculated. People come and go, seasons change, day turns into night, birth, death, love and loss. It flows like a river.

Some of us are more adaptable to the natural ebbs and flows of life. But for many (if not most)…. uncertainty brings about a sense of fear and hopelessness sometimes.

Embracing uncertainty is a skill. It’s a bit like jumping from majestic heights… without knowing if there is a net to catch your fall. There might even be something better than a net… a soft cushiony landing for example. Or else it’s a concrete floor… we don’t always know for sure. And that’s the fear.

In life I’ve learned that there is always something to catch your fall… if you allow it that is. You can jump with rigid limbs or you can soften your body and allow a more peaceful landing. The uncertainty and what lies at the edge of the cliff is a perspective you can shift.

Rigidity is based in fear. Softness is based in trust, but also in love. In life, it’s always a choice between fear or love. If the outcome is the same .. a journey supported by love and softness will definitely yield a more pleasant outcome.

We can live life gripped by the claws of fear…. or we can soften a little and open ourselves up to trust and love.

Maybe this is my rose coloured glasses speaking again but … I truly believe that we are supported and being guided along our journeys in this life… until the very end. It makes me feel so much more free to experience the highs and lows of life… just to know that I will be ok. No matter what. Life is scary sometimes yes… but I prefer to embrace the fear and not let it rule my heart and mind.

Soften to your experiences in life… notice what a difference this can make… I challenge you today. Surrender to the magic… open up to possibilities…

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