The Full Moon's Offering of Clarity
Jan 29, 2021

Jan 29th, 2021

        As the late January Wolf Moon comes and goes, in the roaring fire sign of Leo -we may begin to feel the energies of this world consisting of invisible wires, unravel once again. Or perhaps in your life , those wires have finally found their way to connecting together with the intention of rebooting the engine that drives the will to fight, deep inside of you.

As beings who feel the energy whirling around and from us- the life force that is the connection between the living and the beings that sift through our empty spaces and fill the spaces around us. We sometimes need a concrete visual to accompany what our soul is nudging us to consider.

What this is to me (a reader),is the use of various oracles, which facilitate a connection between what we see and what we don’t, using my intuiting as the medium. The 78 cards of the tarot are essentially depictions of fragments of life; a soundbite from a larger recording- each picture telling a thousand words of a story .The lenormand are a set of 36 cards containing one picture with one meaning which facilitate a storyline that strings itself like letters in a words, or words in a sentence.

Finally, I cast Runes over the story as a means of punctuating and completing a perfect packaged offering- consisting of layers of meaning that reflect and mirror perfectly the complexity of our minds and personal world.

The full moon can often bring us an ending to a book which began a month prior, or perhaps years ago, and has come to completion. In the same sense, it can offer suggestions to the next book we could begin.

I’m proud of my gift , and that which I offer to others - because sometimes what we need is to be able to see the whole picture; to back up and look down on the storyboard of our life.

Sometimes we need a needle to weave the two worlds together as one.

The multifaceted and complex happenings of our life’s story, down to the line we are currently living -and that is what I have to offer you; a snapshot of the life that is happening to and with you, frozen in the moment we connect.

Cory Hanna

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Stacey Gill2021-05-30 19:25 UTC

I like your approach of multiple practices to supplement each other. I have something similar in mind later on down the road but unlike my Runes, I have to make the set myself. Cheers!

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