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Eating Raw Foods [Recipe]

Mar 23, 2021
Demi Powell
Core Spirit member since Sep 4, 2019
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There is just something about eating your food…with your hands. For the raw foods enthusiast, those new to the lifestyle, or for those needing a healthy meal on the run, these wraps will have you incorporating more nutrient dense foods daily.


A wrap is a combination of food in which there is typically an outside “shell” and a semi-damp inside combination of ingredients. The shell— in this case a green leaf of some kind—acts as a carrier for consuming the inner ingredients, just as bread holds a sandwich together.


substitute for cooked wraps and a popular easy way to eat a good meal

picnic lunches

kids’ lunches


1 large leaf of your choice

½ cup paté, or ½ avocado sliced, or ½ cup of your favorite thick dip

¼ cup sauerkraut (optional, but highly recommended)

torn dulse leaves

½ cup sprouts

¼ cup shredded veggie sauce or dressing of your choice, optional

Ideal leaves for wrapping: collard greens, large romaine leaves, large kale leaves, red leaf lettuce leaves, and any large green leaf. Romaine hearts are great for tacos; collard greens are great for burritos.


1. Place your leaf as open as possible on a flat surface.

2. Place your pate, avocado or thick dip in first, making a lengthwise line. Top with any other ingredients you are including. Depending on the leaf, either roll up or just fold and enjoy.

3. Instructions for rolling a collard burrito: Follow the previous instructions for loading up the leaf. Next fold the stem and top edge of the leaf inward.

4. Roll from one side to the other to complete the burrito-like wraps. Slice in half.

5. Enjoy!

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