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The Condition Of Being Unloving Is Love's Demonstration That Love Is Unconditional And That Is Our Shared Being/Self...Love Is!
Feb 13, 2021

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Perhaps the conditions placed upon love, such as any idea that appears to imply “this isn’t love” is a revelation that love is unconditional? That no matter what appears to be happening, no matter how we perceive it, no matter how the narrative of our thoughts tell a story of knowing what love is and isn’t, nothing can make love be anything less or more than what it already fully is.

Love, unconditional.

It seems that even the conditions that appear to be a limitation placed upon our love, this seeking/giving/receiving/rejecting/resisting of our love, this showering or withholding of our love, are indeed permissible. Permissible, that is, in the sense that with this outward appearance of our love, the existing expressions of love being conditional, that seem so “real” we come to know conditional love “as a matter of fact.”

These expressions of love is love’s own demonstration (which is everything without separation-the light and all that is shining within in the light called “existence” are two and equally not two), that there is no “real” limitations except for appearances sake, as even the limits of love are clearly already embraced and thus accepted…unconditionally and without limitation. It is even permitted that we treat love as if love is an object to be distinctly known, sought after, attained, given , taken away, or resisted despite that we are clearly love “it”-SELF and thus love is inseparably everything and nothing.

Love doesn’t need your acceptance, love doesn’t care about your rejections or the limits that you place upon love, as love already is what is and isn’t. Love isn’t found in objects nor relationships, yet love is felt in everything as you, “your”-SELF, is everything and the very source of love “it”-SELF. And paradoxically, the mental images you take to be “your”-SELF is also obviously embraced and accepted unconditionally as everything is, even the abstract notion of there being a separation although there is no separation of anything whatsoever that you can distinctly point out with an absolute certainty, but even THIS is embraced and accepted.

It is loved as love “it”-SELF, love’s expression as life as you know it, equally subjectively and objectively, and neither.

Conditional love is a “concrete” reflection of unconditional love that only seems “abstract” when love in it’s wholeness remains unrealized.

Whether love seems to be realized or unrealized, ignored or acknowledged, even this is embraced unconditionally. Obviously.


Photo by Mattia Ascenzo on Unsplash

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