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The Benefits of a Shamanic Healing
Jan 27, 2021

A Shamanic healing involves you being taken on a Shamanic ‘journey’ into multidimensional realities. Whilst in this relaxed ‘trance-like’ state, you have the ability to bypass your ‘logical mid’ and tap into hidden facets of your Psyche. Aspects of yourself that you know exists, but have been unable to ‘tap into’. Whilst here you can resolve deep seated issues/sabotaging behaviours that have been blocking you, so that when you ‘awaken’ you will have clarity and make better choices.

In these different dimensions of reality, you are able to resolve a wide variety of deep seated concerns. Physical ones that the Medical Industry may have struggled to resolve such as chronic muscular-skeletal pain, auto-immune conditions or infertility.

Emotional ones such as your struggles with attracting abundance, romantic relationships, addictions or anxiety/depression. Shamanic Healing can help with Spiritual questions, such as your desire to meet your Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels, or your desire to cut etheric chords with people, or heal familial ancestral issues.

Whilst the Shamanic journey is taking place, drums, rattles, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and crystals are used to shift your vibration from its current frequency to a higher frequency. Sound healing benefits your chakras and energy bodies (i.e. causal, subtle & etheric bodies) in the same way as ‘engine tuning’ improves the performance of a car.

Clients have experienced many effects during a Shamanic Healing. Some feel currents of energy, some feel the weight and temperature of the crystals on their body change during a session. One client received a scorch mark from a crystal on her blouse around her ‘heart chakra’, validation that this area of her Psyche was being treated.

Others have felt their hand being held (not by me!) during the session, or the experience of hovering in the air. Some have seen places, relatives, friends or pets from their past during their Shamanic Journey.

After a session, some clients may sleep 10-12 hrs, others may be hyperactive and begin to work on goals that that had been abandoned! Constipated clients find they have amazing bowel movements, meek clients become assertive with those who took advantage of them, aloof clients re-connect with friends/relatives from their past.

Everyone’s experience is unique, and everyone’s experience is exactly what is required by their Soul/Spirit to benefit them at that point in time.

(Attached image by Robert Lukeman via Unsplash)

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Very interesting. Perhaps one day I will be in the place of those who went on a journey through the worlds with the shaman. It’s very interesting to feel all this for yourself, because the impressions of other people are already arousing interest in me. It remains only to make up your mind, to drop doubts!