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Apr 25, 2021

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The tattoo industry around the world is experiencing an unprecedented rise. The emergence of specialized studios with professional equipment and safe disinfection of tools has made body painting as popular as possible. If 10 years ago, the safety of such a service and the quality of drawings left much to be desired, today the masters create subject paintings on the skin with photographic accuracy.

Along with the demand for the service, the age range of clients of tattoo studios has also expanded. Both underage teenagers and people over 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years old want to get a tattoo. A reasonable question arises: at what age is it better to do a tattoo, and what age restrictions exist for this service?

The teenage period is considered one of the most difficult in a person’s life. The search for yourself, the desire to stand out from the rest, impulsivity and youthful maximalism create a truly explosive effect. It so happened that it is during this unstable period of life that the decision is most often made to tattoo something on the body.

This most often causes outrage among parents. After all, a tattoo, which now seems significant for a teenager, can bring a lot of trouble in a year. As a person grows up, he will experience a lot of emotions and shocks, change his views on life, and then with a high degree of probability he will want to get rid of the tattoo. At the same time, even a laser will not help to completely restore the original condition of the skin.

Many teenagers do not inform their parents about their decision. At this point, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the master and the owner of the salon. To avoid proceedings with parents and law enforcement agencies, responsible tattoo parlors either do not work with underage clients at all, or do the procedure in the presence and with the written permission of the parents.

At what age do tattoos in Russia: the requirements of the law

It is impossible to find specific points about tattoos in the legislation of the Russian Federation. However, lawyers refer to the concept of legal capacity, which is fixed in the Civil Code. A person is considered legally capable after 18 years. Accordingly, until this point, he can not independently make such decisions.

In the Civil Code, you can also find information that if a person under the age of 18 needs to conclude a financial transaction, it must be controlled by parents or guardians. If you perceive a tattoo session as a financial transaction, it turns out that you can make a body pattern at the age of 15. But only on the condition that the parent gives written permission for this and issues it according to all the established rules. At the same time, it is important that the salon agrees to take on the responsibility of working with a minor client.

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Amelia Acosta
May 13, 2021

Great article! I would also like to read about other countries

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