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Tantra is the way to a new kind of Loving
Mar 24, 2021

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Tantra is a bridge between the old way of loving to a new possibility. It is a possibility that we have had glimpses of or maybe what we have just imagined was possible. Kindness and loving intimacy all day long. Lovemaking that was not only totally satisfying but that truly nourished you and made you happier and more peaceful.

Tantra is a bridge from the relationships of the past that were often built on obligation or the need to have a partner – either to have children or simply be part of what society expected. Marriage became an institution. Something to be upheld regardless of the quality of the experience within.

But now it’s time for something new. Simply having a partner that fills a role isn’t enough. We are desiring something deeper.

We seek a kind of relationship that expands us. A connection that turns on switches inside of us. An experience that expands us spiritually and let’s us enjoy our lives even more all at the same time.

A tantric connection is felt through the heart. There is no past baggage or else it would block the connection. We choose to be together in whatever capacity that is. This allows us to be perpetually honest with ourselves and therefore the other creating a gentle, easy bond.

This openness is possible because we know that we are so much more than our personalities and our past experiences. Tantra is a very spiritual journey that gives us courage and tools to truly heal those parts of us that would keep a distance between us and others.

If the relationship is romantic and sexual, each party naturally polarizes into either masculine or feminine – regardless of gender or orientation. This positive/negative attraction creates a dynamic relationship that keeps us excited, alive and then infinitely peaceful when we come together in full union.

However, In the meantime, we are in a time of transition. As a whole, the world isn’t ready for this kind of connection.

There are those who have broken free of the old paradigm and are seeking others to connect with in this deeper way.

There are those who are in relationships where one person is in the old ways and the other is wondering about new possibilities.

Others still are both happily or unhappily in the old paradigm and they will be there until the end of their lives.

But for those who are seeking a new way, tantra is a beautiful bridge.

They say that tantra has risen and then gone into hiding many times through the millennia – hiding in times of great strife, war or religious control. And then rising when we have the means and the freedom to dig deeper and explore something new.

This is one of those exciting, expansive times.

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