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Spiritual Paradox

Mar 29, 2018
Enrique Franklin
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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We often get readers who seek to push me into a black and white philosophy of what I call the Spiritual Paradox. A Spiritual Paradox is where two seemingly contradictory truths can exist right next to each other and yet both be true. A recent friend and reader declared:

“If nothing exists outside of ourselves, then do you think, that when we leave our body and astral project, that we in fact don’t go anywhere but within?”

This is the paradox I speak of. Yes, you do “leave your body” and yes “nothing exists outside of yourself for you are all that is.” This is no different than saying “I am a single person, yet I am All.” Both seem true depending on the perspective.

My reply to this was:

“Your question here is playing on two literals (leaving a body is one and that we are All is another). Yes, nothing exists outside of “I” for in reality, at a level most of us can’t fathom, All is One. So technically, you don’t go anywhere INCLUDING within. To go within is to imply that there is a WITHOUT (you only get to Point B if there is a Point A that you’re leaving from), but there is no Point, just the ALL state. Ịf you want to play the “literal” game, then you go nowhere, just exist in a constant state of I AM. All we’re doing with astral projection (or anything for that matter) is choosing a perspective of the I AM state. All separation of energy is an illusion. But because we are here in the physical, choosing to experience ourselves in a certain way, we use descriptors and reference points to describe our experience, but that is an illusion.”

Another recent accusation was, “You’ve told me that you’ve used your remote viewing ability to try to locate missing kids. Why? Missing kids must be missing to learn some sort of lesson, by the logic of your reply, therefore let them stay missing.”

Here again is a paradox. Do you find the missing kids or do you let them stay missing?

My reply to this was:

“Why get up in the morning? Why find missing kids and murderers? It’s just what a person does every day. Why do I do manage SQL Server or write books and articles? My point was not to get attached to any of it with the lower bodies such as desire, emotion and ego. I do not find missing kids with any kind of vehemence. Yes they are missing for a reason, but I also find them for a reason. People love to shove me into extremes and spiritual paradoxes. For example someone asked me this once: If all is meant to be then why do you teach? My answer is: If all is meant to be, then why did Christ come? Teachers come for the same reason as rain does. It is just part of the process. It is not “good or bad.” Why do you sometimes instinctively know to make a turn and avoid an accident? It was just meant to be as part of your path. And sometimes you won’t make that turn and will get in that accident. It doesn’t matter if you find kids or let kids be lost. You can kill yourself and in the long run, that won’t matter either as there is no such thing as “not getting where you are supposed to be.” You and I will get there (in part because we already are there, but just don’t accept it).”

We are separate, and yet we are whole. There is good and evil and yet there is only love. The easiest of these contradictions is what is visible and obvious (being separate and that there is good and evil), but the Absolute Truth … the Divine Truth, is that there is only One and that there is only Love. However, the incredible purpose of the other “truth” (the illusion) is for showing us the comparison so that we can know the Divine Truth more fully.

All of mankind experiences this spiritual paradox, but no man or culture will know true inner bliss until it sees past the illusion of separation/good and evil. All around us are these paradoxes. We imagine ourselves separate on many levels: sexes, families, cultures, nations, even worlds. And I can’t count the e-mail that I receive from people begging me to teach them how to astral project in order for them to “see and talk to God”… as if THAT was separate as well! The only thing that we are separate from at this point is Divine Truth!

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