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Aug 13, 2021


Whenever we experience trauma, a part of our soul essence separates from ourselves and is left behind in different places. This happens to avoid the full impact of the pain and shock. After soul fragmentation happens we are left with a feeling of incompleteness and disconnection.

I often hear my client say; “I have never been the same after that incident”, and they don’t mean it in a good way. Soul fragmentation could be the cause, among other things I heal in my treatments.


There are many common symptoms of soul loss. Some of the symptoms would be where a person does not feel fully themselves; not in their body, alive or fully engaged in life.

Other symptoms:

• Recurring dreams of disturbing scenes, insomnia
• Loss of interest for something we used to enjoy
• Loss of creativity
• Feeling split, empty, disconnected from ourselves, not feeling present in our body, as if we were outside of ourselves, a spectator of our life
• Loss or lack of self-confidence
• Feeling that we have no value, nothing to offer – sometimes by waves of emotions
• Having difficulties making decisions and questioning these decisions
• Looking for other people’s approval or support
• Lack of motivation or desire
• Being harder on ourselves
• Self-loathing
Feeling lost, not knowing in which direction to go or how to move forward
Depression after a significant event or chronic depression
• High anxiety
• P.T.S.D.
• Weak immune system, auto-immune disease or other diseases
• Addictions to fill a void.


Soul retrieval is when a shaman goes into an altered state of consciousness and goes into different dimensions to find different parts of the soul. Once the parts have been found they are brought for healing. The parts are then brought back with the shaman and the soul pieces are blown back into the person through the head and heart.

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Love and Light

Joanna Rose Tierney

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