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Small Habits

Oct 5, 2023
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Watching inspirational and motivational videos about successful people give us instant dopamine hit, isn't it? But it’s only for short duration and as a result we set higher goals in our life and start dreaming about it.

Bigger goals are burdensome than they are actually motivating and if we are unable to achieve , it comes as discouragement to us but that doesn't mean one should stop dreaming..but in order to achieve big, one should start small through small habits. for example- I really want to finish my new novel. The first small habit I’ll do is to tell my mind or making myself to sit with my book and read at least one page everyday for 30 min or so on.

Track it.
No matter how easy is the task you’ll get distracted, make excuses and forget. Perform your small habit without overthinking about it is a must. If your daily task is completed then check it off your list.

Almost there…

Don’t give up , you’re almost there..
Consistency and patience is the key. Completing a small task and making it a habit will surely give you sense of long term happiness and confidence to achieve your goal. Remember by starting small, you can attain big results!

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