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Aug 10, 2020

Greetings Core Spirit Family

As you are already aware, my mission in life is to find self-fulfilling answers, to help me map and navigate my life to my highest and best through this maze called Life. I am grateful for stumbling upon these very important words of wisdom from Christina Lopez - The Heart Alchemist; and would love to share them with you.

For those out there who are of a mind that we think we are better or more superior than the rest, you have sorely been misguided. An “Awakening” is the most painful process the soul has to encounter. The pain of separation from all that we once held onto for dear life, is the most excruciating pain of them all. The feeling is akin to that of the Sun leaving your body and descending into the deepest, darkest pit of despair, because you soul is going to break through, no matter how much your fight it!

I was born “Awake” being an Indigo Child, but I deliberately switched myself off too embracing that which I have always know to be true. I would urge you not to fight it, because the ascension process will take place in the manner that it should, whether you want it, or not! If like me, you push against the transition, then the Universe takes charge and what happens, comes through that which we call an Act of God .

Believe me, you don’t want to push it that far! On January, Monday, 16th January 2017, after saying goodbye to one of my friends in the office; my parting words to her was, “there is no power on this earth, that can take me down!”. I left the office and made my way to the bus station . The wind was blowing at gale force (the South Easter) and a gust, literally picked my up off my feet and blew me into a traffic light between 70 - 100 km an hour. I went down, HARD!!

That was just the very beginning of my anguish and am very grateful to have come across these steps, which I hope will shed some light on the process called “Awakening.”


1. Chaos awakening: an external trigger; your life falls apart; an Act of God; the rug gets pulled out from under your feet. Our ego completely loses it’s grip on us! It dawns on us that the ego has never been able to control anything!

2. Spontaneous awakening: no external trigger, just simply waking up. Not all of us awaken through pain. When we wake up, we begin to ask deep, meaningful questions (there has go to be more to life than this.)

We wake up from the matrix, the slumber we have been in. The majority of us on the planet are still in slumber. We start to see things as they really are.

This stage usually lasts days or weeks in the wake up phase.


Comes right after the wake up call. We feel connected to God, we come alive. We feel one with Mother Earth. The heart is starting to awaken. This may be the first time that our heart comes online. The heart is being guided by Spirit. We start to feel synchronicities from the Universe and see this in ” Number Sequences;” we tap into the quantum world (things we cannot see with the naked eye).

This stage usually lasts for days or weeks. As your heart starts to awaken, you start to feel more deeply intuitively. “The heart is the portal of intuition”.

We start to discover Spiritual Gifts that we never have never utilized before.


The great purge! The spirit brings up all of those things from deep inside us that needs be be released in this lifetime. This is the most difficult stage because the Soul may be pulling up things within us, not of this lifetime for healing. Can also be healing from past lives that need to be addressed in this lifetime. The soul is trying to move us out of the “Circle of Karma,” because these things hold us back.

The dark night of the ego, releases so many things from the past that need to be released. We have feelings of depression, despair, anxiety, feeling completely lost: feels like we are dying - in a way we are; the old self dies. Not all people go through this stage.

This stage usually lasts from between months to years. We need to have a lot of patience if we are to get through this: the soul has programmed this on purpose, so that we can purge everything that is holding us back. Will become what we were born to be!


Life just stops. No man’s land. The dark night is over so we are now between our old self and new self. The void is the place where we feel lost which causes anxiety. The Universe closes all the doors on us! This forces us into a cocoon, so we can emerge as a butterfly later on. We are now without the bliss phase but are never disconnected from God; this is just an illusion. We need great rest in this period because we have do so much work coming through the dark night of the soul.

This stage can last for months to years.

Once you understand you are in the void, you start learning to work with the energy. May be exhausted because we have undergone much healing. We also start to step into our authentic soul power. All the old garbage that was holding us back has been purged through the dark night of the the soul. We have no baggage here; we meet “ourself,” for the first time and start to stand in our own authenticity. Will feel and know the real self.


Things start to stabilize. Growing our roots deep into the ground, after being pulled up into the sky (like a very tall tree.)

We feel like we have grown up, a little bit more mature. Are become grounded in our “Knowing”.

We need to have our roots very deep to live our lives with beauty and fulfillment. We need to bring them into everyday life. We are ready to return to civilization. We are ready to hold the lessons and energy of our spiritual awakening in our everyday life because we are more grounded. We no longer feel the need to run away from dense energy any longer.

The grounded phase is a beautiful phase. As our roots are going down into the earth, our energy becomes more powerful. We become a more powerful at manifesting within this grounding stage. Much more magnetic. The deeper the roots, the higher your tree can grow up.

Things might start happening for us now, really quickly because our energy is becoming super powerful and super magnetic. Connection returns, the state of bliss feelings start to feel the oneness, the deep connection with God. The difference between the bliss energy from stage two is the energy here is way more grounded, so it feels more real. The heart is continuing to open. We feel more compassion for self and for others.

This stage lasts for years.


Joseph Campbell - Gone Through the Whole Hero’s Journey…

The whole energy system has rebuilt itself here, the soul has purged all of the crap from the past. We are literally new people. We are now grounded and powerful. Have a deep connection with life and life purpose on earth. We start to live our life’s purpose with a lot of confidence, a sense of “knowing”. Our life’s mission is something that we will only understand when we look back at where we came from.

We need to walk the path of our mission with a deep purpose, one step at a time. We are here with great purpose and we start to remember who we are; what we are doing here! We commit to following our soul’s path no matter what. We are no longer influenced by anything that happens in our lives. We will no longer let any of life’s circumstances/challenges sway us off our path.

We will never know all the details of our mission but need to be strong and committed to following our soul’s path as our soul reveals itself to us.

This stage last until the end of our lifespan on planet Earth.

Blessings, Love and Light…

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