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Apr 2, 2023
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“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”-C. JoyBell C.

Musk deer always tried to find out the musk in the jungle but never found it. You have abundant potential within you but you try to find them at places outside. Whatever is available in the universe, is available within our entity.

The brain is the storehouse of information. Multiple neurons are available to act when you have the right kind of wrong kind of thinking. When you have the wrong kind of thinking, you are lost. But if you have the right kind of thinking you prosper.

The brain is like a farmer’s land. Land does not take any objection you sow. If you sow tobacco seeds, after considerable time you reap tobacco fruits. If you sow the seeds of an apple, you reap the apples. It never happened in history that you sow groundnut and you reap lady's finger.

How Do You Sow Things in Mind?

We have observed that when a child is born, he picks up the language and behavior through imitation. While studying psychology for my master's I studied to come across a child who was kept with the lambs and cattle for several years on an experimental basis. The child was provided all the facilities of food, nurturing, and natural calls facilities. But he refrained to associate with humans. After a few years when the child was taken out from the protected shelter, the first word he uttered was ‘belief’ just like the sound of lamb.

This study teaches us that whatever we learn from the environment is our habit formation. I may be abusive if I have a similar association. If I am with the gambler, I can be a great gambler. It is naked fact that we learn from the environment.

Make Your Willpower Stronger Than Your Environment

When I throw the ball in the mud it does not bounce back but if I throw it on the wall it bounces back with the same intensity. We have to be like mud sometimes and like all other times. It depends upon what kind of wolf is dominating. I saw one of my close lady relatives listening to abusive language from her mother-in-law. I was upset for a moment. I advised them that she could retaliate. She told me magically,
“I have dropped the receiver!”

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I was reminded of an incident when one of our relatives came to my residence when there was a lot of noise from fighter aircraft. He could not sleep but we slept peacefully. It might have happened that we became habitual of the environment. But specified habits can be developed. When I sleep at 10 pm, my spouse played songs on the mobile but it did not disturb me and I always fell asleep.

If someone hurts you in a bad manner and you carry feelings for days together. Some people even do not forget that the person is out of site. One of my new neighbors once narrated a story that his father had insulted by telling him a donkey. I said where is your father. He said that he had passed away ten years. He could not forget the insult even after his death. So, my friend, try to forget your insults within a minimum time. It will relieve you from a huge burden.

Associate With Good People

By the way, who is good people? People with positive thinking and good behavior are the kind of people who make a desirable impact on your mind. If you have such people around, you are lucky. If you have a paucity of such people around you, found some of them on social media and make friends. You may always wish to help other people by sharing your wisdom but at the same time, you must associate with people who are above your standards so that you can learn lot many useful things from them. One of the Nobel prize winners refused to join a society membership when he felt that subject association was under the standard of his status. This can be biased but one should be careful to choose the right association.

Read Self Help Books

When I thought I have learned enough and need not read more, I realized later this is the time I have to read more. How can you underestimate the power of a writer who has more than 30 years of experience? The observations, suggestions, and various experiments for years are just more than enough to serve you wisdom in a readymade format. The books are the offspring of several studies and specific readings.

A small portion of reading every day may terminate in volumes. Just like medicine, you may be selected for your reading to improve your specific area. If I lack communication skills, I may read a good book on the subject. You are never complete with your thinking. A lot of ideas from several eminent readers may improve your decision-making power excellently.
Empower Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind has tremendous power. Several times greater than your conscious mind. The subconscious mind has no logical thinking power. Whatever command you give to it, it will obey. I constantly thought that it will rain and I will not be able to go for a walk in the evening. It almost happened during the rainy season. In another incident, I always thought that I will win the race of my cycling. I constantly reminded my subconscious mind of stronger commands. It finally happened although I was barely able to win the medal.

Another fact about the subconscious mind I learned during my psychological studies is that it understands the language of pictures. During my early days when I was fond of a certain brand of cell phone, I pasted a poster on the wall of a specific brand of cell phone. After a couple of years, I had the same brand in my hand. It was a magical experience when I wrote in a diary that I will have one daughter and one son before my marriage happened. I mentioned five years gap between them in my writing. It exactly happened in the same way.

You ask anything from the universe and it will happen with a law of attraction.

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