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Rhythmic Gymnastics: History, Rules, Technique, and The Olympics

Feb 17, 2021
Alexis Suarez
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Cadenced gymnasts are scored on the masterfulness of their exhibitions — which are combined with a good soundtrack — and the ability with which they execute troublesome moves with the handheld contraption. The game’s uniqueness lies in this blend of melodic translation with the danger of tossing the device a few meters into the air and dismissing it while performing jumps, turns, or gymnastic schedules, at that point getting it. Cadenced gymnasts are competitors having enormous strength, speed, expertise, and adaptability, however, they are likewise specialists fit for significant and expressive excellence.

It very well may be contended that cadenced aerobatic has its starting points in Ancient Egypt, where the tasteful articulation of the human structure was empowered. Be that as it may, its foundations lie in nineteenth and mid-twentieth-century thoughts of development and style. The main World Championship was held in Hungary in 1963, the very year cadenced turned into a FIG discipline.

Musical tumbling turned out to be essential for the Olympic program at the Los Angeles 1984 Games, with the gathering occasion added at Atlanta 1996. From that point forward, the order has filled in prevalence all through the world.

Exhibitions are hung on a 13m x 13m tangle, with various organizations for individual and gathering rivalries.

Singular gymnasts perform multiple times, utilizing each piece of contraption once. Every presentation should be 75 to 90 seconds in length. On the gathering occasion, a group of five gymnasts performs twice utilizing various contraption simultaneously. Every exhibition should last between 2 minutes 15 seconds and 2 minutes 30 seconds. Going over or under these occasions brings about a 0.05-point allowance for each second.

The music played during exhibitions likewise assumes a critical part in setting up a temperament and style. Music with vocals is taken into consideration one execution for each gathering and two exhibitions for every person.

Occasion Program

1) Singular all-around rivalry (Women);

2) Gathering all-around rivalry (Women);

3) Quintessence of the game;

4) Fixation, coordination, and control;

5) Expedient and skillful control of the device is at the core of cadenced tumbling.

Competitors should keep their wrists inconsistent movement to move the six-meter long silk lace in free-streaming curves. Point allowances are forced if the lace contacts the floor or gets tangled. The circle, made of plastic or wood, can be tossed high into the air and got, utilized for turns over the body or on the floor, or revolutions around the hand or different pieces of the body. Any vibration of the circle noticeable all around is punished.

For exhibitions utilizing the little elastic ball, style, and lyricism, as opposed to dynamic developments, are required. Just as tosses and gets, gymnasts roll the ball along their arms or back with beauty and stream.

Gymnasts likewise use clubs 40 to 50cm long and weighing 150g each. Exactness and coordination are central during complex dealing with moves, for example, whirling one club while tossing the other. Drops convey punishment focuses.

In the individual all-around occasion at Rio 2016, Margarita Mamun of Russia took the gold after a nearby battled rivalry with her colleague Yana Kudryavtseva, who took an early lead yet dropped a club toward the finish of her exhibition. This error allowed Mamun to return and win.

Standpoint for the Tokyo 2020 Games

Brimming with Eastern guarantee

Drawing on the European customs of dance and artful dance, it is little amazement that nations from that mainland are the forces to be reckoned with in cadenced tumbling. Russia, with its strength in creative games, has since quite a while ago drove the world. On both the individual in general and gathering occasions, Russia has taken gold at five progressive Games, from Sydney 2000 to Rio 2016. Moreover, Yevgeniya Kanayeva bested the platform at both the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Games. Different nations that routinely win decorations incorporate Belarus and Ukraine.

At Tokyo 2020, indistinguishable twins Dina and Arina Averina seek to carry on Russia’s brilliant convention, dominating their high trouble schedules on the Olympic stage. Additionally focusing on the platform is Linoy Ashram, Israel’s best musical acrobat.

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