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Rethinking Human Enhancement: Core Spirit Marries Ancient Wisdom & Latest Innovations
May 21, 2021

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Today’s prevailing understanding of human enhancement is tightly connected with medtech and its role in making interventions to change physical features of the human body. We are on the rise of biohacking and plastic surgery – global biohacking market is estimated to grow to USD 25 billion in 2023 and cosmetic surgery market will reach USD 67 billion by 2026.

Are those the only aspects of human enhancement? Core Spirit – a global wellness platform – is ambitious enough to look at personal development from different perspectives as it marries the heritage of ancient practices and latest technological innovations. Core Spirit argues that modern tendencies are limiting the possibility to explore a more inclusive approach to human enhancement. The platform was built to expand our understanding and start a discussion on how to promote practical improvements.

A little under a thousand categories on Core Spirit explore human enhancement by intertwining the past, the present and the future. Just like the time paradigm is always one, the gap between alternative, conventional and innovative should be bridged.

Fostering wellness, Core Spirit highlights different aspects that can be enhanced – physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, cognitive, ethical and some others. By marrying alternative and conventional, one can maximize their growth on all these aspects. Top research scientists along with spiritual leaders from all over the world are joining the platform to voice their opinions on how to reach human enhancement shifting the focus from just one approach to a myriad of traditions coming together.

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