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Red Tomato

May 12, 2021
usha Singh
Core Spirit member since May 9, 2021
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**Red Tomato

We all remove the rotten tomato from fresh tomatoes, as they spoil other tomatoes.
Do you have ever wonder how fresh tomatoes become rotten tomatoes and their life becomes unnoticed?
There was a chubby, funny, and happy girl who has always spread love and affection to people around her, however, she became a rotten tomato. Here I am sharing the story of that sweet chubby girl.

It was a beautiful evening and the time was 4 pm, the sun rays were falling on the ground and on that it was her friend's birthday party.
She was excited to meet her friends and so she deck up herself with a white umbrella skirt with black lace and the beautiful skirt was stitched by her elder sister and she wore a red top that was the birthday gift from her father. She was walking humming and enjoying the evening and walking on the road, and then suddenly she observed some other school seniors were following her and teasing her.

As she was in her adolescent age, hence she assumed these guys were sighting her. As she was fat, so she had this discomfort in her mind always that guys do not like fat girls. Before she could have felt those butterflies in her stomach, one of the boys said to her that "she rotten tomato (sada tamatar), leave her and they turned back".

Her cheeks were red in anger, as she was the bold girl she turned back and went to that boy home to complain to his parents. However though she was a bold girl, she could not enter that boy's home to complain. As she felt at that moment, the boy is right and she has accepted that she is fat and ugly. She could not ring the bell and her footstep started to walk in the reverse direction and she went to her home back instead of her friend's birthday party.

You all just want to know what happened to that red rotten tomato. Yes, I am Usha Singh the same red rotten tomato who could not go to her friend's birthday party, later in life I have taken control over my mind, myself, and my body. Today I am a Health mindset coach who helps professional women to know their self-worth by supporting them to transform their body, mind, and self. Women are beautiful and when they are happy from the inside that is a pureness in World.

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