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Qi Gong : The Ancient Art of Health and Energy
Mar 29, 2018

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Everything is energy. This was a startling idea when I first heard it – but it seems to be a concept that is appearing more and more in mainstream consciousness. The movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” made the big ideas of quantum physics accessible to us non-physicists. More and more people are open to treating their health problems with acupuncture – which is about unblocking the energy in the body. And since Madonna came out as a “yogi” in 1999, yoga has become mainstream, with literally millions attending classes each week where the instructors talk unabashedly about the body’s “chakras” and “getting your energy to flow”. An Energy Revolution appears to be unfolding around us!

As a Bio-Energy Healer, I work with people and their energy every day and witness them overcome all kinds of conditions, from asthma to anxiety to ankle pain. But what is it that makes Bio-Energy healing is so effective? In my desire to know more, I decided that I should go “back-to-basics” and explore the origins of Bio-Energy Healing — which turns out to be the ancient Chinese healing art of Chi Gong.

I was already somewhat familiar with Tai Chi, having seen its flowing movements practiced by elderly Chinese people in some local parks in Vancouver. But how was Chi Gun different from Tai Chi? And where could I learn it? Were there any Chi Gung Masters in Vancouver? I began by searching the internet. There appeared to be lots of Tai Chi classes in town, but relatively few schools that offered Chi Gung. Of the three schools that had websites, I decided that the Shou-Yu Liang Academy would be the one for me — probably because it had the flashiest website and advertised a bonafide Chi Gung Master from China: Master Shou-Yu Liang! I signed up online (how modern!) and looked forward attending the first class on January 8th.

It was a typically cold, dark and rainy Vancouver evening when I arrived with a friend at the steps of a nondescript Buddhist Temple on Jackson Street in the heart of the downtown East Side. We entered the temple where about ten other prospective students were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Master Liang. It was a long wait… In fact, he didn’t show up at all! We were told that the class had been postponed for two weeks – but evidently the date had not been updated on the website!

Not to be deterred, two weeks later, I made the trip to the East Side once again – minus my less persistent friend… However, when I got to the temple, this time I was welcomed by three huge bulldozers digging up the alley and blocking the academy entrance! “Ugh! Not again!” I thought. All the other entrances to the temple were looked locked shut. I could feel my energy draining, my enthusiasm waning. Maybe Chi Gong just wasn’t meant to happen for me…

But soon a man and a women appeared, also looking for the entrance so they could attend the class. We three decided to brave the monstrous bulldozers in the alley that were blocking the Academy entrance. Happily, the door was unlocked! Together, we climbed a rather scary staircase which eventually opened up to a cavernous gymnasium. At the top of the stairs a women greeted us with a ironic smile and said, “First obstacle overcome!” We laughed in agreement. On the other side of the hall I could make out a small but stocky Chinese man, sitting down and taking registrations from the other students. “That must be Master Liang,” I thought.

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