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Psycho-Spiritual perspective of Purposeless and Purposeful life
Jul 25, 2022

A feeling of significance and object is central to our psychological well-being and general prosperity. A question that different life conditions itself make pop in minds, mostly after someone's demise is experienced is the quest for life's purpose on the planet or the explanation of human creation, which has such a huge amount to do with his mental and otherworldly state

People didn't come to this world with their own desire or want yet were brought by The Creator the Lord of the Worlds from the mother's Womb. Knowing the purose of life actually is the most sought answer still by an enormous number of individuals on the Globe from various backgrounds

Generally speaking, the people who battle with psychological well-being issues, for example, low temperament or feeling vacancy inside are viewed as having no importance or reason in their life. Those who live purposelessly or have accepted vane thoughts and desires as the sole reason to live for example seek after of a lavish life, making a specific bank balance, property, being the most rich , the best, a flying career life, it has come into the knowledge of clinical psychologists that even the most successfull and wealthy individuals from various different backgrounds have failed to live joyfully and couldn't adapt to depression or nervousness, feeling a profound void in themselves, consuming medications or pills just to have good sleep . On opposite, individuals living with a reason with low conveniences of life are viewed as the blissful and quiet inside

The response to this question must be thought about truly from GOD who made the Universe and has gifted human existence as he is The ALL-knowing (AL-Aleem). The Quran features that the motivation behind people on Earth is to submit to Allah (SWT) through Worship. To revere means to know GOD and to experience his guidance so his pleasure is acquired making us qualified after death to be conceded a high station in Paradise an everlasting sumptuous life. living with such reason affects the individual making him profoundly rich regardless of what his/her conditions are . GOD's submission, delight, or ways of getting his closeness isn't simply restricted to few acts but to a vast number of even minute good acts , removing a hazardous item from the road, or a smile on brother face .

living with contemplations and creative mind of adoring, complying, and satisfying the most remarkable, Omnipotent ALLAH SWT with all great demonstrations bring inward feeling of harmony in the heart which relinquish most of the depressive anxious and lost feelings

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