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Preparing For a Tarot Reading
Nov 12, 2021

Reading time 2 min.

So you scheduled a tarot reading - what now?

There are a few things you can do prior to your reading that can help get the guidance, clarity, and advice you need. Here's how you can prepare for your appointment.

Days Before:

Get clear.

What information are you hoping to get from your reading? What area of your life would you like to address?
In the days leading up to your reading, write down specific questions in the area you are intrested in focusing on during your appointment. The more clear you are, the more in depth the reader can get with your specific concerns. Keeping an open mind, & having a positive attitude leading up to your appointment, will really add value to the overall experience.

(1) Day before:

Be sober & clear headed.

Abstaining from alcohol & drugs 24 hours before your reading will help you feel calm, centered, & clear headed.

Be sure to have access to any technology you may need such as a ZOOM account, and wifi - test it out before your appointment.

Day of:

The day has arrived - now what?

Hydrate & abstain from caffeine. Have a pen & paper near by to take notes during your reading (don't forget the questions you have already written). Set aside 15-30 minutes immediately prior to the reading getting centered. Sit in a quiet space and review your questions. Most importantly - remain open, be present, & enjoy!


Pheww! That was a lot of information, I know.

Digest it. Spend time in contemplation & as always - only take what resonates. Not everything will make perfect sense right now. Leave a review if your reader has this option, it helps future clients find the perfect match, and allows the reader an opportunity to improve their services. As time progresses look back on your experience. Allow 6-8 weeks time to access the accuracy. If you are pleased with your reading, schedule a follow up appointment.


Ask your reader if you can video/voice record the reading to look back on whenever you wish.

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