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Positive Thoughts and All That Jazz

Dec 5, 2023

I spent many years trying to apply the just think positive modality to my life. Have a bad thought, turn it around quick before it manifests! If you can envision it, it will appear.
Yes I have had quite a few miracles enter my path, I feel those were more my spirit telling me "we got you, don't give up" during rough times. A confirmation of sorts. When it came to manifesting the life I desire, it just wasn't happening the way I had hoped. This is when I started to look at how I have been showing up.
I was walking my dog when I had a little spiritual chat about the subject with my guides and came to the ah ha of it has nothing to do with my thoughts, it is all about the feelings!
Our energy, our thoughts, our drive are all fostered by how we feel, this is our authenticity meter. That pure vibe we put out to the universe and life of what we really believe and deserve. It would be hard to convince anyone you deserve a life of ease and fulfilment when in your heart you truly don't feel that way. I realized if I wanted to manifest with more accuracy I had to drop the just think positive jazz and work on my core beliefs, where did they come from, were they mine to carry? How did I truly wish to show up in my life? What was it I was really seeking?
Our beliefs are hiding behind the curtain of our feelings, they shape who we are, and unfortunately we didn't always choose them. There is a lot of dissecting to be had here and it takes patience and time. The processing of your realized information is important, you cannot speed read through this section of your life. It will be uncomfortable and that's ok. It will be messy; you may feel sad, mad, elated, relieved. The important thing is to make space for these feelings and just be a witness.
You do not need to fluff away labelled bad feelings because there is so much wisdom waiting to be unearthed there. What are they telling you? Where do you need to pay attention in your life, where do you need to heal and what do you need to change? What do you need to appreciate and not take for granted?
Another thing is realizing we are all here to have a human experience, not to live on the spiritual soap box 24/7. Yes practice your spiritual self but also take a break!! Watch Netflix, go for a walk, read a mystery novel, play with your dog, lie on the couch and do nothing. Be human! Be present. Lending authenticity to your life is your spiritual gift.

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