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Learn about your past lives with Past Life Regression
Mar 24, 2021

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to know what to do when you want to find out more about your past lives. A lot of people have the same burning questions about past lives, past life regression and where to start.

In short, you would like to look into a past life regression (PLR). Past life regression is a technique for uncovering past lives through regression hypnosis. I have had a past life regression myself and it was an amazing experience. I was never able to remember past lives until my own regression.

Past life regression is a way to get your noisy conscious mind relaxed so that the subconscious can come through. The subconscious mind is where past life memories are stored. In my PLR sessions, I was able to work out deep pain and issues from my current lifetime and past lives – a truly amazing experience. I did PLR because of what I saw when my father had his life-changing experience with past life regression.

People have different experiences with past life regression – mostly depending on what they are ready for. If you ask me – and this part is totally my subjective opinion: I think our guardian angels and/or soul guides have something to do with the experience and what we are allowed to see, feel and hear from past lives. I don’t think we’re allowed to see more than what we are ready for. For me, I had a PLR in my 20s and I just had soft, fast, but blurry glances at scenes from past lives, but it came with a deep sense of knowing and feeling. For my father when he had his PLR, he was far deeper in hypnosis and had out of body experiences. He was even able to talk to his own father (who passed away decades ago), and resolve some unfinished issues.

Luckily, there’s lots of research, books and reading material on reincarnation and past life regression. According to the research, there seems to be a short time window when you remember some of your past life memories, from the ages of about 2-6 yeas-old. Before children have become conditioned and develop their ego and identity, they have easier access to past life memories, but usually forget them by about 6 or 7 years old. Of course there are exceptions to every rule.

For adults like us, we can regain access to past lives through the practice of past life regression (PLR), like I just explained. I’ve read hundreds of pages on past life regression before I had my own, and I have some recommendations for reading material:

Journey of Souls, but Michael Newton, PH.D. – This is a great book! Newton has done thousands of PLRs in his hypnosis practice and documented what all of his clients independently reported. He basically mapped the “journey of souls,” from death, to the spirit world/heaven and what goes on there, and then the processes that happens before we’re born again:

Also, Dr. Brian Weiss’ “Many Lives, Many Masters” is an amazing book too – perhaps a nice place to begin. He’s a classically trained psychologist, who had patients spontaneously reporting past lives during hypnosis. And like Michael Newton, he began to document these sessions and understand the process of reincarnation.

I know that was long-winded, but I hope it helps. You should really consider giving a past life regression a try. And please keep me posted if you have any other questions – it’s really my passion to help people understand past lives, reincarnation and past life regression.

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