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Palm Pattern that the owners help others and themselves

Oct 8, 2023
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The distance between the starting point of the lifeline and the starting point of the headline is large. The owner will be outgoing and full of executive power. They are eager to do well in everything. They are suitable for diplomatic work. On the contrary, work that is dull and for a single person is not suitable.

If the headline has a branch just like that of line B, the owner has a mind of wide scope. They are multi-talents. And their ability is quite strong. They can handle any kind of work. They will work in the fields of linguistics, broadcasting, acting, etc. They are suitable for all the jobs that need the skill of speaking.

If the heart line is like that shown in picture C, and the radius of the line is not too great, it represents that the owner is welcomed by others. They can put themselves in others’ shoes. It is especially if there are more branches of the heart line, the owner will have more ability to be considerate of others.

When people with this kind of palm pattern have difficulties, their fighting spirit will get higher. They will become more courageous and fearless. Before taking on a task, they will plan accordingly and carry it out step by step. They will become important people in the organization. Although their life will be very busy, they are good at making use of time and enjoying life. If they have no work to do, they will lose their vitality.

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