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Palm Pattern that shows a smooth and comfortable life

Oct 8, 2023
Janet Li
Core Spirit member since Jan 23, 2021
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In the center of the palm, there is a long and vertical line that is called the “fate line”. It is also called the “occupation line”.

It represents the luck of the owner in the work and the attitude of daily life. For the whole life of the people, it has a very important position. Its length and situation are different from person to person. Line A shown in the picture is long and clear. It represents that the luck of the owner is very good. However, the fate line will change with age and the environment. Therefore, the fate of the people can be changed in the acquired life.

If the fate line is like line B, its starting point starts from the “moon mount” (the name in the palmistry). Then this person will get help from a powerful person. And his or her relationships with others will be good. Therefore, this line is also called the “Popularity line”. Generally, the outstanding winner in the entertainment industry will have largely this line.

If the female has this line, she will be the focus with the tender affection from others. They will largely have a lucky marriage. It is especially the starting point of the popularity line located near the wrist. This person should have a lucky childhood. In youth, he or she will have the opportunity to unleash his or her strengths.

If there is a sun line (like line C in the picture) in the palm, these people will lack nothing in life. In life, they need not bear hardships. They will have a smooth and comfortable life.

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