October 6

October Guideline

The Guidance is most needed now, as we are in the process to integrate higher frequency within our mindbodyspirit wholiness, by saying it, I would like also to mention a word about the upcoming month, the most of month of October is a benevolent opportunity to reach out, not perhaps to the past but here … within. October also brings a new cooperation for lightworkers, to be involved human for from themselves… as it was no longer in our Akashic records written, we have started to write our future Selves, it can be a challenge, it also can be advanced teaching, Soul within your Soul cooperation. Looking within in nows is a meditation of October. Our new solar plexus, our new Source Light body in now, today is getting an upgrade... “Would you prefer”, that’s the question, would you prefer… the choices in each heart is…. LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexandra

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