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Sep 26, 2019

Reading time 5 min.

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Jun 22 2020
Moments of time

What will be there in the next moment, only a spiritual visionary may know, but what is right here, right now, is all ours and so will be all the moments to come though our form and shape may change altogether. This is not a statement to doubt about but i…

Jepranshu Aganivanshi
3 min.
Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation
Sep 27 2021

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training has garnered growing attention in recent years because of the perspective for individuals to achieve a greater degree of muscle burden as well as physiologic change with a lower amount of resistance training. Blood Fl…

Demi Powell
3 min.
Recreational Therapy
Mar 23 2021
Recreational Therapy (Essential Guide and Benefits)

What is Recreational Therapy?

Recreational therapy, also famous as therapeutic recreation, is a systematic method that uses recreation and other activity-based interventions to meet the evaluated needs of individuals with ailments and/or disabling condit…

Demi Powell
3 min.
Personality Psychology
Mar 29 2018
The Things About Depression We Never Talk About

Living with depression can give us a whole range of symptoms. Some are quite well known, such as low mood, sleep difficulties, and limited energy. Other symptoms are less well-known, or less talked about.

Our depression may bring symptoms that we find em…

Timothy Goodman
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