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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini June 11th 2021

Jun 10, 2021
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**Mercurial flashes of Brilliance – Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini June 11th 2021

Our second eclipse lands June 11th in the airy sign of Gemini. It’s been a rough ride since the Lunar eclipse squeezed the shadows of our old programmes into conscious awareness. This Solar eclipse in the opposite sign of the twins leads us back towards the light. The road is definitely less travelled and paved with magic and miracles for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see. Take time to listen into the silence under the noisy drama of daily life.

The twins rule all forms of communication and polarities. Up, down; in, out; good, bad; yes, no. This will add fuel to the V or not to V debate. Polish the windows of your mind and choose a new view. Gemini is full spectrum possibility often delivered in a single breath. When we learn to let go of judgment and can hold the paradox of ‘this AND that’ enlightenment is ours.

Turn off and tune in to the dizzying array of downloads, uploads, in-loads, spiral-loads. Not just a lightbulb moment this eclipse has the power to illuminate the whole arcade. Occurring close to the North Node means it is homing in on our soul-purpose. Why did you choose to come to earth? Signs, synchronicities, abound. Pay attention to what’s knocking on the door of your curiosity. Mercurial flashes of brilliance will alight like butterflies in your psyche - WRITE them down. Save them. Now is not the time for life changing actions. Life doesn’t make much sense during eclipses and Gemini shifts with the changing tide. Also its ruler Mercury is still retrograde until June 22nd upping the ante on confusion and misunderstandings. Use this magical portal of psychic knowing to get curious; explore, play, taste, discover, capture. Innovative communication is key, new ways to express old truths light up the neural networks. Blue Sky thinking, not just outside the box, reinvent the box.

As we navigate the craziness of our current insanity some will love the thrill of the ride. Others may feel overwhelmed and dis-empowered in their choices. If the latter is you remember the wise words of the Zen master… ‘Whatever happens: ‘ha, ha, ha’ – it’s all a great cosmic joke. We are magnificent beyond our wildest imaginings. So let go, let flow and surf your magic carpet all the way to destination unknown. Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

**New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual

Planting seeds…**

Seeds encapsulate possibility and potential. Each seed contains the entire dream of the plant. The Acorn contains the dream of the whole Oak Tree.

Buy a packet of wildflower seeds. Carry the seeds with you. Over the next week as you listen for the silence underneath the noise and a brilliant flash of an idea arrives or you see a magical synchronicity that sparks an inspiration or a sense of gratitude – plant one of your seeds. It doesn’t matter where you plant them. Find a little piece of earth in the local park, your garden, the side of the road a window box anywhere you can find. Before you plant your seed whisper into it your dream, your inspiration, your idea or simply your gratitude. Blow on it gently three times and pop it in the soil.

In this way you will let your dreams germinate and blossom in all their perfect, natural wildness.

So mote it be.

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