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Nature And Man's Quest To Battle It To Standstill

Feb 20, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
Reading time 4 min.

Obesity is the number one headache in the health sector of most nations.

Weight loss and body sizes are what preoccupies most people's time each day. They worry a hell of a lot about their body size. The industry is a billion-dollar user that inflation doesn’t influence.

Everyone wants to look smart, beautiful, and acceptable. We are in a world of aesthetics and no one wants to be ugly ducklings that attracts unwarranted attention.

Many by nature or nurture are over fat and those in the weight loss industry are not missing any opportunity to make it big. Look like others, and be more comfortable in your skin. Many over-fat people are living a life of make-believe. Fake public lives. Smiling with their mouths but not with hearts. Heart full of self-consciousness. Throw a glance their way, their minds rushes to their body weight.

Conscious of their body mass 24 hours. From the amount of dollars being mentioned, you will know that the industry is well roots and has nothing to fear or worry about as an investor in that sector. It’s overflowing with human needs and money.

The problem here is that the sector has turned into what covid treatment was in 2020. Oversaturated with all manners of teachers and educators, new drugs no one sanctioned or certified. Desperate people don’t usually ask intelligent questions or reasons intelligently, rather, they ask desperate questions and act desperately. They want magic results and magic drugs that will take away their fats within hours. “Before and after” pictures don’t sway customers anymore. They need magic formula.

It’s always loss weight not gain weight that many are parading around as being experts in. The usual answer to gaining weight is the same as Losing it. Just eat a lot and eat a lot of vegetables and drink a lot of clean water.
The same old preaching I have been hearing since I was a kid. I have been asking them how and what to do to be fat but many don’t have any significant knowledge of what to do. All are into lose weight section not gain it by those that want it. It is where customers are. Loss It does not gain it.

Most overweight people are not overweight because of their eating habits but rather by nature, by birth, or inherited. Eating less and exercising more is the anthem many kids are used to now. Fasting, kito, exercise forced ones are the new things in vogue now.
I recall one of my high school teachers joking In a class that even if I were to be locked up In inside the kitchen of the Paris Hilton hotel for six months, I will still not be fat. Not actually that I am skinny but I am not of normal weight and needed to add weight.
My own preoccupation about my weight size is nothing to do with health issues but emotional. I am not getting the respect I deserve from people due to my small size. Exactly what the over weight people are worrying about.

The answers to my queries on how and what to do have been contradictory by many so-called experts. Some, their advice to me is to: eat a lot of nuts and some, keep away from a lot of nuts. I don’t have any doubt that the way they are at guessing work in my case is the same way they are at it on those that wanted to lose weight.

Do fasting and exercise help in losing weight?

For sure, there must be a significant temporal change you will see for subjecting yourself to such temporal and everlasting life attitudes. Miss any day in the week to carry out the ritual and there, in a day, you will gain double what you lost in a week.

“A day for a week's duty”. It sounds like a prison sentence but changes are there nonetheless. I am guessing that gaining weight must be the opposite of the “A day for a Week duty system”. Fail to pump yourself for a day full of food and you will take a week to regain a day's lost weight. Steroids are not doing the work many wanted and the risk of heart problems is a hell of a notch up these days.

Anorexia and other side effects like it are what those in loss weight quest are suffering from. Some looks like skeleton when you see them especially those in modeling lines.

For sure, some that picked fat as a lifestyle through unregulated intake of foods will Drop it through most of the gospel being paraded around in that industry and remaining true to its doctrine. But to think nature will go and hide just like that for any gospel or sermon from peddlers of weight loss business is like asking for a free ride to the Mars.

The idea to me still remain to first live a normal life style, appreciate who you are and what you got. Try to enter or listen to any sermon from weight loss mongers with open mind not desperate mind and you would have been half way there. Go into that world with open mind and mostly, that is when you get the result you wanted for you are not expecting magic. Appreciative and grateful heart always attract more positive results into their lives. Learn not to live with depended and magic expectation mind and you will not have any disappointment waiting for you.

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