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March 29

Naturally Curing Alopecia Areata (Patchy Hair Loss)

Oliver Parsons
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Alopecia (alopecia areata) is a condition wherein victims lose patches of scalp hair, and it does not grow back. In extreme cases, it causes complete hair loss. As is the case for many disease states that the medical establishment cannot explain, it is claimed that alopecia is an autoimmune disease. The official mantra is that alopecia cannot be cured, so its symptoms must be treated perpetually by a suppression of the immune system. Whenever the immune system attacks a part of the body, it actually does so because there is a problem of toxicity or there is a pathogen. Our research shows that alopecia is a condition resulting from a body so toxic that it must turn against itself. As such, the antibiotics that are initially prescribed often make the condition worse by increasing the body’s overall toxic burden. When the antibiotics inevitably fail, as they do in virtually all cases, the doctors then typically issue steroid shots, or liver-destroying immunosuppressant drugs. The allopathic establishment insanely concludes that the immune system is the problem and attacks it. It is like blaming the smoke from a fire, and then trying to eliminate the smoke (which was never the real problem) by pumping oxygen into the burning building. This is why the success rate for treating this condition is so underwhelming when it is treated with standard medicine.

How to Cure Alopecia

Traditional Chinese Medicine found that alopecia is caused by kidney and liver dysfunction, and it successfully cured the condition thousands of years ago. Successfully curing alopecia means correcting the underlying toxicity problem that is causing the immune system to retaliate. We have found cases wherein the cause of alopecia was algae supplementation, a fraud which has become common; because of the unscrupulous advice of scoundrels who seek to profit from it. Other frequent causes include seaweed, mushrooms (especially Asian mushrooms), and pharmaceuticals. The cause of the toxicity must be corrected for recovery to happen. Simply halting the offending exposure is unlikely to cause the hair to regrow, because the toxins that were introduced into the body will still be trapped inside the liver, and possibly the outer layers of the skin too.

The first step to healing is a liver cleanse. All other supplements and drugs should be discontinued during a liver cleanse. Most commercial liver cleanses ironically contain ingredients which further harm the liver. It is common for them to contain toxic algae products like chlorella and spirulina. Always read the ingredient lists to avoid these toxic additives. It has become so difficult to find a trustworthy liver cleanse, that we must provide a recommendation. At the current time of writing, we recommend Thisilyn Daily Cleanse and Super Thisilyn, which are both produced by Nature’s Way. Most health food stores carry at least one of these products. However, the ingredients may have changed by the time that you read this, so always check the ingredients before taking any supplement. Liver cleanses typically last for about two weeks. After the liver cleanse, supplements should be taken to recuperate the kidneys for about 1 month afterward. The kidney supplements should not be taken alongside the liver cleanse, and they should be taken only afterward. The additional supplements listed immediately below may be taken throughout the protocol.

Niacin is a B vitamin that is known for cleansing the outer layers of the skin, so it could be crucial in curing alopecia. Read our article about niacin before using it, because it can produce strange effects.

Chlorophyll and zinc should both be supplemented with. Chlorophyll provides a safe source of copper, which works in conjunction with zinc inside the body. Zinc is essential for skin health, and it is known for killing fungus, which is speculated to be a factor of alopecia. Do not take zinc on an empty stomach, else it will cause nausea.

Hemp protein is a great source of minerals, and it makes a good all-rounded supplement that strengthens the body. Whenever there are problems with the skin or nails, it is likely that the body is not getting all of the minerals that it needs. Hemp protein can help to compensate for mineral deficiencies, though individuals should also make necessary changes to their diets.

The Green Drink is recommended at least once every two days. The recipe is shown in the related links at the bottom of this report.

Kidney Support Supplements

Dandelion (500 mg. for every 100 lbs. of body weight)

Licorice (500 mg. for every 100 lbs. of body weight)

L-Taurine (170 mg. per 50 lbs. of body weight)

Vitamin E (133 I.U. per 100 lbs. of body weight)

Vitamin C (500 mg. for every 75 lbs. of body weight)

A high-fat diet should be undertaken by those who are trying to recover from alopecia. Healthy fats include butter, hard cheeses (soft cheeses are homogenized), goat cheese, lean beef, lamb, nuts, olive oil, and coconut oil.

An alopecia sufferer should also try to get regular exposure to sunlight. This is helpful when a fungus is playing a role, since ultraviolet light kills such pathogens. Those who cannot get any sunlight may purchase a UVB light from a pet store. These are typically sold for reptiles, who require massive amounts of UVB light for survival. Of course, real sunlight is always superior.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners encourage patients to rub ginger onto their heads in cases of alopecia, and it seems to be surprisingly effective. In order to allow the ginger to best permeate into the pores, and for ginger’s oils to be extracted, we recommend making a ginger tincture. To do this, mix 3⁄4 cup of fresh, cut ginger with a cup of vodka, and mix using a blender. Rubbing alcohol can be substituted for the vodka. Place this mixture into a resealable container (such as a glass mason jar). The liquid should then be applied to the head twice a day, particularly to the balding areas. The potency of the mixture will increase during the next week. Some may choose to add coconut oil to the tincture, which prevents the alcohol from being so drying.

Conclusionary Remarks

Alopecia is a symptom of toxicity that is typically the result of bad medicine, whether it be mainstream or alternative. If an effected individual does not make major changes to fix the underlying causes, alopecia will be the first of many coming health problems. In particular, people with alopecia are at an especially high risk of diabetes and cancer

by Sarah C. Corriher For HealthWyze


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