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My daily hike.
Feb 2, 2023

This will be my first article, yesterday I posted I would republished my book but with the guidelines, it wouldn't be possible to do here. I will do it same place I've done it first, here I will tell you more about me and sincerely open up to who I am today and who I have been in the past and if I can help. I've been off drugs for 26+ years, 7 on Heroin and 5 were daily, never missed a day. My detox was done in prison on a cell floor for 16 days, I didn't move away from the steel toilet, day & night.

That was my last sentence and since I've got off heroin (all drugs), my son was born that year and I moved far from my connections , my time was also counted as the biker's became aware I was supllying myself on both side of the fence when they were out of heroin, and they had put a price on my head, so it was the right moment to make a change in my lifestyle!

If you're on drugs and you need help and you're ready for it, you can write me and I'll gladly read you and decide if I can be of help to you or not! I'm here and depending on you if you're ready, and if can help I will! If I say I can help, I would and it would be mostly the challenge of making someone's life better, if you can put a price on that great, personally I doubt there's enough paper on earth to trade for somebody's happiness. Since I've lost my one friend to suicide and many more to OD also, it gave me a different perspectived on life worth.
I do simple things to stay off which has worked for 26 years+, such as my daily hike, I do not have a magic pill and do follow therapy myself and I have been for 20 years and will probably always keep going but there are ways especially if you're a parent I might be able to help.I speak and teach from living experiences.

Where you are is very important and if you have chidren the decision must be taken now. I know how it feels like when you're at a point when you think for you there's no help possible, BS. I've been there and thought the same for 7 years on smack plus another 18 on other drugs from prescription Ritalin in 1973 then pot and hashish ended with smack in 1996!

At 58 years young now I got diagnosed as high functionning Autism 3 years ago which changed my life and made me understood a lot of why things happened as they did and especially why I reacted as I did.I forgave myself totally, once I knew I done the best I could which was surviving on my own since I'm 15.If you're a parent of an underage kid that uses opioïde, you're the best chance at the right time to save your teen from a life of hell. That doesn't mean in anyway that you're responsible for his or her actions but there are step as a parent that can be taken to improve the chances of success. I think that with my experience, together we could accomplishe what might seem impossible.
Thanks for reading and hoping to make many new acquaintances on Core Spirit!

Pierre. Autistic & Proud.

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