July 24


“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves!”

Our President addressed the nation last night in South Africa. I never watched, because I don’t allow myself to take in their energies; I look at the bigger picture the next day. Well today is the next day and boy do things look incredibly bleak for South Africa!

Out of all the things that this current regime has been allowed to pilfer from South Africa (not one person has been charged or been taken to task as yet; and we are speaking about billions upon billions or Rands…); they have now tapped into the Relief Fund that the Upstanding Human Beings of our country were lovingly donating to the poorest of the poor. They stole millions. The poor are still destitute.

 How does an honest, human being with a pure heart react to something like this? Especially when we give with a loving heart!

Now I have a choice, I can allow all of what came out of the President’s mouth to enrage and embitter me; or I can tap into my own energy and ensure that what God has given to me, as Tania; is shared with like-minded souls so that we can continue to work together to raise our consciousness way over and above this wave of CORRUPTION!!

I am doing just that, looking up to the Heavens and we have so much magic above and beyond at our disposal, like we have never yet experienced, and will not again in our lifetime again!

Am going to start this month’s reflection off by sharing the wisdom of my personal Astrologer; Oscar and Jonathan Cainer, with you. My reason for doing so is because it was the sound of Jonathan’s voice that drew me to the light, and I have not looked back a day in my life since then. I will continue to support Oscar in sharing Jonathan’s legacy for the remainder of my time on this planet.  Oscar's message:

“The spectacular “Comet Neowise” currently gracing our skies is now as close to Earth as it is going to get – it’s on its way to a distant part of the galaxy and we won’t be able to see it like this year again for another 6 800 years.

That’s how important this time is. Right now!      How many times in the last few months have you heard the word ‘unprecedented’? It’s no coincidence that such a rare celestial event is occurring simultaneously.

Oscar has written about how he sees the comet as a beacon of hope and that we must take its message to our hearts, as a mantra with which to build something bright and new! He said that if we try together; to look inside ourselves; to understand ourselves; to gain that trust and hope for the future by nurturing it in our hearts.     He ended this message by saying that we will never make sense of what is happening around us, until we make some sense of what’s happening inside us.”

In support of this beacon of hope, we have another very rare occurrence in the Heavens and that is of the Sextile between Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter Sextile Neptune every 4 to 9 years, but the fact that it is happening three times this year makes it an important energy; dynamic enough that the Universe is asking us to pay attention.

These two planets together are both very spiritual energies that work on a deeper level – they are energies that when joined, help us manifest, expand, our view of reality, and tap into higher levels of consciousness.

Tapping into our higher levels of consciousness is about shifting our awareness out of a victim mind-set!

My connection to the Creator of All has never been more profound; and the more that I am pushing through this dark barrier, the more magic is becoming available to me. My communication channels with the Heavens, is buzzing as much as my poor ears are…

Angel number 555 is asking us to let go to the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving us. We are encouraged to release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles, and if feeling any fears or confusion, ask for support from your Guardian Angels.

Angel number 222 is encouraging us to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of our lives. This is a message to keep the faith and stand strong in our personal truth.

Everything will turn out for the best in the long run. May not be what we expect, but it will be for the betterment of the entire World!


I will continue using the same spread that I have been throughout all these months. This spread is used for situations when it doesn’t seem like things are going the way we have hoped. This spread is what is termed as “Plan B” and lends insight into changes that could help get things going again.

We have the overall energy of the Tower Card for this reading: Rapid Transformation, destruction of the old to pave way for the future. All weak foundations will be eradicated once and for all.

1. What are we trying to accomplish? Ace of Cups Reversed:

The Ace of Cups in the upright position is about love for all things. In the reversed position, it speaks to love for oneself. Before we can send love out to the world, we need to send love to ourselves, filling up every cell in our bodies with Divine love and happiness. The more we do this, the more we can exist and flow into our lives.  This card in reverse ties up exactly with the message getting through today. This is a sign of being connected with the subconscious mind and attuned to our intuition.

2. The experiences we are having in our attempts to accomplish our goals – Queen of Pentacles:

This Queen ensures stable, secure and grounded energy. This is an indication of being independent, very well off and successful. She works very hard for what she has and has learnt to measure the "worth of her wealth."

3. What is our current earthly challenge (feelings of lack) – King of Pentacles:

Pentacles are very slow, stable, grounded, secure energy. So the King is a very stable, fatherly figure. He is committee and he thrives with stability. He is very prosperous and in charge.

This could be a male/female that will be in the position to give us a helping hand in some way or another to get us back on track. What this King has an unlimited resources of; is that of patience.

4. Our unconscious hurdles are we self-sabotaging. We need to be honest with ourselves: Seven of Swords:

This is just sneaky energy at its best. This all about lying, cheating, back-stabbing egotistical, unethical behaviour. An underhanded, untruthful energy.

I see this as a united challenge within our current world order. We know exactly what how to handle this one!

5, 6 and 7 work as a tag team offering information on changes that would benefit our plan.

5. The Hermit (Virgo Card) – my favourite card in the pack:

This is a card of solitude. Taking time out to seek inner clarity. This is a very spiritual card, one of awakening through solitude and meditation.

6. Four of Wands:

Eleven-Eleven card – a lucky card that talks about stable foundations. The angels are speaking to us and our manifestations made within our time out with the Hermit, will assist us with moving forward with confidence.

This is a super confident / positive card.

7. The Fool

Taking that leap of faith! This is full on blind faith, trusting and moving forward.   A brand, spanking, new beginning...

8. The outcome, the results we can expect from implementing our plan for the month ahead – Ten of Cups reversed:

We are being invited to seek out common ground with our loved ones, and to rebuild our relationships from there. We need to ensure that we are living up to our personal values and not allow others to decide what will or won’t make us happy.

To turn this card back into the upright position, we need to bring our focus back to what truly makes us happy even if it differs from what others expect of us!

I will leave you with this quote that was posted onto Facebook that has touched my heart very deeply:

“Sensitive people care when the world doesn’t because we understand waiting to be rescued and no one shows up. We have rescued ourselves, so many times that we have become self-taught in the art of compassion for those forgotten.”

Stand your ground. Turn the sound of your television down. Turn the sound of your Soul up. You are equipped with everything you “NEED” to stand your own ground,  and make this world a better place for YOURSELF!

Blessings love and light.

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