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Jan 18, 2021


I AM practicing to be more mindful in my self-communication, Yes, I talk to myself …

Have you ever considered that your mind is similar to a “Google Search Engine” and if you were to phrase your questioning differently, you will achieve deeper desired results?

For example:

Question: Can I make orange juice?

Answer: Yes/No/Maybe

Whereas, if you were to ask …

Question: How can I make orange juice?

Answer: Different recipes will appear, with a whole lot of videos as well … Wow, there are so many different ways!!!

Similarly with the brain, if we learn how to effectively communicate and ask ourselves the right questions, we can achieve deeper results and remove our own mental blockages and self-sabotaging social programming which has kept us limited for years. We are special after all and able to upgrade our brains, in the same way, Apps are upgradable. Yes and we do discover new “emoticons”.

Words like, should, could, would must be eliminated from our subconscious as they create mental blockages, holding ourselves back from achieving positive results … Use words like, How, Who Where, When, What, Why?

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