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Mind your mind’s nature / keep it Simple

Aug 26, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

Imagine a million year before today,how everything was where it Is supposed to be. The water fell as it pleases, ran freely and carelessly. It moved to where it pleased,and settled where it wanted. Imagine the minerals under neath us, how they laid in the deep dark earth. Gold and diamond was where is was supposed to be,and oftentimes,the Earth would share with its Surface..yes, believe it or not, back in the day, gold was found in rivers, cushioned by small river stones. Trees flourish, they grew at ease, to be tall as the Earth permitted to carry their weight,flowers of a kind could blossom and cover an entire landscape. Wildlife was life,as wild as we have perceived it to have been,Nature knew when to give and take and yet maintain the necessary balance to keep things SIMPLE! Then human beings came by,Lord knows from where, things changed to accommodate our existence. We started moving and shifting the “resources”(as we call them,personally, I think the problem started when we started calling Nature a resource) that Nature was kind enough to share. We redirected rivers, we extracted the Gold and the Diamond and started calling them “minerals”(that’s another problem right there,we cannot acknowledge that everything has a belonging,yet fail to understand why these minerals are under the ground to begin with,surely they are there for a reason,they BELONG there!!) We started to rearrange! Ignorantly,we’ve been rearranging how things are supposed to be, oblivious of the repercussions. I believe A mountain is Nature’s noise,it’s where it breathes,that’s why rivers start the,that’s why volcano erupt there. While moving and rearranging,we seem to have forgotten the fundamentals of Life. That’s why today people build houses on mountains top,paving roads along the way ignoring environmental issues and how our actions affect the Earth. We have been taking from Nature inconsiderately, and giving nothing in return, against Nature’s way of doing things. We are failing to keep the necessary balance,and as things are,nothing is where it is supposed to be. A good example of that is how multiracial we’ve become as a society, as good as that my seem,in reality, Nature doesn’t operate that way. Looking at all we have done to the Earth,We shouldn’t do the same to our minds! “ be like children,keep your minds pure”! Do not shift anything there, no nerve shall go extinct. Let the trees grow as they please, let the water run wherever ever it wants. Do not capture any of the animals in your mind, let them run free. Last but not least,the gold and diamonds in your mind are not to be touched. Treat your mind the way Nature is supposed to be,Nature knows when to give and take,maintaining the necessary balance to keep things simple!

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