November 6

Massage Safe The World !!!

Range of motion testing, functional tests, postural and biomechanical assessments - all of these can give you clues about a clients’ status, but, as a soft tissue therapist I have come to rely on my greatest skill: palpation.

With experience I have learnt to trust what I feel and now only use other forms of testing for my client’s benefit or to clarify an uncertainty. I think all of these tools are useful but I hope that by having this discussion you can start to ‘see’ more with your hands and learn to trust the process of palpation. I still use other tests but I tend to trust what my hands feel more so.

When your body is the tool that you work with, you learn to take notice of it. It was this that gave me the understanding of how to work effectively without injury or stress to myself as massage therapist.

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