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September 26

Man Recalls Past Life in the 700s

Editor’s Note: This reincarnation story comes from Mark, who was able to remember his past lifetime events in a fully awake state. His memories were spawned by riding a horse when he was three-years-old. The most opportune time to remember past lives is in early childhood. After the age of about six past life memories – for whatever reason – are difficult or impossible to recall as easily.

Mark’s Story:

I clearly recall what I did over 1,000 years ago, who I was with – and, more importantly – my motivations for doing this present lifetime.

When I was three-years-old my dad put me on the back of a horse where I thought to myself, “I used to be really good at this.” It was then that I also remembered about a woman I loved. This woman remembered about her and I when she was eight-years-old in something that was like a dream. I say like a dream because I left my body and went there. In a sparkle we merged our minds and reenacted an event from the 700s. Later in life, we met in a most spiritual way, dated briefly, but then high maintenance kept us apart.

After my death of the last lifetime I pondered for a while about doing another. There was a great spiritual oppression urging me to claim another body. Now a note on astrology: I feel it’s B.S. I was set to be born in March to a family in Denver, but I changed my mind. The woman by my side inquired why I did that. I don’t recall answering, but I helped another soul I deemed worthy to tune into that body in Denver so he could claim it. I am the same person/personality, but I was born a different time than March.

The confused idea that this reality somehow conflicts with Christianity is flawed. I have been a follower of Christ from the 1st century. In The Father’s words, “It’s good to remember.”

Image Credit: jdj150 on Flickr

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