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Man - wife - child.
Sep 28, 2019

Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Man - Wife


I again am on the search for the core inside a humane human, by which the humane human can become described and become realised.

Again, this base on the spiritual energetic impact of thinking, sensing and feeling. This is the SELF of mine.

For attaining the core, I must as this spiritual energetic impact move my SELF from the outside, the outer world into the inside, the internal world. Therefore from a manifold of bipolarities and dualities into the point, where spiritual singularity is found.

Therefore involution and involvement.

Where after singularity evolves itself.

The core of the father is at first the man. The core of the man is……

The core of the mother is at first the woman. The core of the woman is……..

The core of the child is now either a boy or a girl. The core of the boy and of the girl is….

The father and the mother are also known as husband and wife. Where in general the wife is the master of the house. In addition, the man should be bound onto the house, there is named as husband (bound to house). Demonstrating the mastery of the matriarchy and the gender fight between matriarchy and patriarchy. Any fight happens by a lack of the soul-core.


Now the question is, whether these cores are still of a quality by instinct or is it possible to recognise a kind of intuition. Whether this intuition became involved out of the patriarch/matriarchy into the man and woman?

Both instincts are as impacts inside survival recognised by me.

Here the instinct of life and the instinct of death are present in a kind of gender fight.

Where also the question is: who wins when, happening in a world-wide-web of morphic fields.

When here is spoken over love, now this love must be watched as survival love with the belonging instincts. Where living life in love happens inside an other structure, work frame. Inside survival, humane humans can become aware of this unconscious structure, work frame.

It could happen that by involving healing inside humane beings there appears a bit of this intuitive quality. I again describe here this:

All instincts are intellectual and reactive inside bipolarity.

The one and only Intuition is intelligent and active inside singularity.

A “higher” intellect appears by a higher velocity of data transfer.

Because man, wife (woman) and children are at first active inside reactive survival,

they at first are working by a destination of good and bad.

However, I comprehended that it is possible there is already a beginning and impact of intuition. Moreover, this must become more conscious.

Where survival by good and bad now inside living life in love an validation happens by: that is right or that is not right, where after the right thong to do is done.

Gender core.

The notion of being a woman shows that the core of a wife, named as woman, is depending on the man. As if a wo-man has no own gender, no own instinct and no own intuition. This I have discovered, by finding out of what any word inside any language has a kind of massage, saying, and quality.

Therefore, what kind of quality has a humane human?

When it appears that a man or a woman is not capable for conceiving a new life, they feel themselves is worthless. This is a genderless worthless!

Therefore, what is self-worth for a humane human?

What is the self of a humane human?

The selves of a person and/or a personality are mostly well known where they must become cured occasionally. Because self-denial is in the long run not a true form of living life.

Moreover, it is possible that the man and the wife do not survive by instinct, moreover also live by intuition. This is the alternative as living life in love to survival by mastery.

I describe the development inside evolution from bipolar instincts into singular intuition as a step inside evolution. As a process of involution into the core of life of evolution.

That I watch as walking the line for coming to the point.


From a bipolar manifold of pains inside the system of survival, in relationship with thinking and sensing by good and bad.

Alternatively, inside the singular presence of love related with the fulfilment of the soul.

A choice is possible.

When by the relationships of the genders a new life becomes conceived, this can happen with male- and female instinct. Now intuition becomes conceived by their unification.

I have many troubles in order to relate this intuition with mastery and violence. Therefore, I say that this intuition appears by a concept of fusion, of healing. With a conception, something comes to the point.

Now it is possible that the man, the wife and the child (boy or girl) became born with an intuitive core. Here a gender harmony is the result, by which a new life on earth exists and can become realised.

In addition, an other kind of birth is not yet known enough. Moreover, this I want to clarify.

Moreover, before my words concerning this intuitive core come on paper inside a new text, I want to state short and clear some following sentences.

Personalities are big in their personal emotional pains and make themselves with it very important. They made themselves important, because their unforeseen soul is very small and needy.

Humane humans are small in love, because they still need love. Their soul is somehow present, moreover did not rise onto universal dimensions. Although this possibility must be known inside spiritual universe. In some way al humane organisms search for some kind of form for heaven, nirvana etc.

Because I had some very special experiences, I now say: As long they search for this heaven and the belonging gods OUTSIDE of their own body, they will suffer. However, this is not badly, because by reincarnation they come on earth again and can start to find this godly heaven inside the own organism.

In universal view, this happens even since thousands or even since billions of years. That means, there is by universal view time enough for creating the new humane human.

I now say: Why waiting so long, waiting for a soul fulfilment.

It is possible to be pregnant, awaiting living love inside man and woman while birthing this.

Anyhow, this way I do experience it and want to clarify this also.

Therefore my words.

I am seeing

I see.

I see

eyes asking what will I be?

Who is my image?

I see you,

I see me

from my surface facing your face.

I am me?

Colours of the rainbow.

I see.

I see the colours inside.



It is white.

Is this me?

Am I light?

I see.

I see the light

because I am light.

Lightening the light

seeing lighten.

It becomes mass.

The weight of seeing

turns out to be feeling.

I see me.

I feel me.

The light of feeling,

invisible as love.

The eyes of love

inside the heart.

They feel.

They feel.

They feel.


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