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Loneliness and Our Unique Story between heaven and hell
Dec 1, 2022

Every story of loneliness is unique and the way you experience loneliness can be different from somebody else.
I took this photograph while I was traveling by train and loved it so much. It strangely reminds me of loneliness. It is strange because it awakens happiness as well. The tree is accompanied by clouds and in tune with the colors around but alone. My description is not irrelevant to loneliness, right?


Loneliness is an undivided thing so that it covers in whole house and soul. Neither it can be shared nor abandoned.

Loneliness is discordant and unharmonious.

Loneliness is a state of being unspoken and unheard of.

Lonely people are anonymous. Neither the world knows them nor do they want to know the World.

Then, Why and How some people are happy with loneliness?
If loneliness is related to get acknowledged our presence through others, to some extent we are all alone due to eccentric souls. Since we are likely to not be acknowledged by others if not belong to the place where we in, right?

For example; Can you imagine Seagulls without the sea? Alright, Penguin in a living desert?

Yes, as individuals we are unique, some feel happy in a crowd, some consist of integrity with themselves, and some are balanced with loneliness and the crowd. We are like animals that cant act against our natures. Wherever we belong, we are ok and happy.

The sun, trees, and the whole universe are alone, but in the big picture, they consist of harmony with others. Stars seem amazing and captivating with togetherness and sure thanks to darkness.

you too?

If you suffer loneliness, the point you should focus on the root of the feeling instead of falling into the trap of desires. It is easy to eliminate the feeling of loneliness with desires and act as someone else in order to get acknowledged by others.

I am sure that this is much more painful. It causes unhappiness. congratulations! You are any more among the flock of people who are complaining about endless unsatisfied relationships and not getting understood.

“People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don’t think that’s true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.” ― Kim Culbertson

How to overcome loneliness without friends!
Are you sure to lead a life without people?

If not!

Instead of being alone, get rid of meaningless and egoistic friends and engage with real people who value your authenticity and love sparing time for you.

You can embark on a new course which is educative. At the same time, it is helpful to make new friends who share the same interest.
Working for volunteers service makes you feel like being part of the community and give you the feeling of happiness in order to create value for others and do meaningful things.
If your answer is partial yes!

Probably you have a big family and that is enough for you. I am one of them and I’m fortunate to have such a family. But I sometimes feel like that being alone is a luxury and It is not things that we get rid of.

Maybe just I am content with being myself. Loneliness opens new windows in your soul and starts realizing the reality of yourself. Probably you can are fascinated with discovering yourself through reading, writing, music, and hobbies. Befriend yourself is really healing and much more beneficial rather than hiding behind useless relations and activities that die your times.

Loneliness is heaven for some and for others, it seems like hell that should be run away from it

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Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world. That sentence really hit me. It is so true. You want to be with people who lift you up!