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Little Story On How Stress Is Reduced In Work Places

Feb 17, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
Reading time 4 min.

Hi, everyone. Great to be familiarizing myself with the terrain here. Great to be fished out from where I was fished out from. I never knew here and this wonderful community existed.

Some of you familiar with the happening in the Nigerian society now knew that no one wants that entity called Nigeria attached to him or her these days. For the past two months plus the chaos in the polity, had been overflowing and seeking for accommodations.

Governments all over the world builds their citizens up but ours are making sure none of us stands on our own more than necessary to avoid asking certain questions.

I went to my bank few days ago and after about six plus hours, it was finally my turn to go in and see the overlords the crowd was many. I wanted my account upgraded. The customer care service section took a look at me and after ignoring me for sometime, asked me the same question l have been asked about three times since December.

What can we do for you?

“I want to upgrade my account”

“Sorry, our server isn't working come next week”
“Sorry?- something is wrong here. I was here last week and was told to come this week. No, today is that next week. Attend to me”

“Our server is out of service. Sorry. You can go to another branch, if you can’t wait”

She wasn't even looking at me. She bent down there writing something on the form.
The I-don't-care attitude all the civil service sector of Nigeria is known for. One obvious thing is that both of us knew that the serve is working but the women felt overloaded with work and decided for months to offload, shift most people with the same excuse of server being down. To think that it is the face I see there each day for three months now.

I stormed out of the branch to another of their branch few kilometers away and It was getting closer to their closing hours but the ladies at their customer service section was more organized, seems to have more knowledge of human relation than the former.

Manner of approach from all the three ladies at that section is what will put you at ease first. Their attitude by merely observing them handle other customers problems assured me that they know why there are called staffs.

Do they solved my two months problem immediately?

Physically No. Emotionally Yes. The manner I was talked to, the manner things were explained to me, the manner I was directed where to go and told when to come back and regulations behind their reasons put my mind at ease.

Nothing like right manners of approach. I don’t know if the staffs of the first branch I went were truly overworked due to having excess customers or their attitude to work was compounding their task.

I had this feelings that if the staffs of both branches were to be switched, the heavy loads that littered their tables of the first will disappear within days. Attitude like they say colors everything we do.

Over worked truly or man-made overload, I certainly have gleaned the spirit of staffs and managements from the manner of approach I received from the customer care service of both branches for months now. the Lassie affaire attitude of the first branch certainly must be what the management there is also suffering from. Why must the serve be down each day? There are operating at each person’s own pace. No rules and regulations for them.

They want to be seen as working, being busy 24 hours, sweating and we customers not appreciative enough of what they do but I went away with the opposite impression of what I interpreted the true situation to be. Why my face and the same familiar faces each day there for months?

Something is seriously wrong with the management and staffs of that branch. QED.

Who cares whether I was being offloaded smartly in the second branch there, I was sent away happy. The lady at the table there seems to be well versed in handling humans and her works.

Why stupidly compound your own headaches, why stress yourself and full your day with angry faces and shouts each day? How can you ever be happy waking up each morning for work knowing already faces and files that await your coming?- all courtesy of your approach to man and your work?

Manner of approach, the first impression matters when dealing with humans even if that impression has to begin anew each day, let it always lean on the side of customers being always right. I am guessing that the first branch customer's care people don’t even realize that the trickle effect of their attitude toward customers and their work is the reason other sections of that branch like security are constantly overworked each day.

Documentation problem is not what many do each day, week, or month. It’s a quarterly or yearly issue. Solve It as they materialize, and you will not see that face again for long time. Keep giving them next week’s appointment, they will keep standing before you each week.

Being honest to yourself and work will not only reduce the work and man before you each day, but it will also reduce your stressors gaining ground on you each day and make your office a memorable place, a mini home you feel at home in each working day not where you keep checking watch to know when to run away from.

The example of the second branch When applied whether in your office or personal life will solve a hell of problems for the person physically and emotionally. Once any problem raises its head in front of you, just kill It off and cancel it from your list. If you can. If not, be genuine with the customer and your work and stress and anxiety of each day will be reduced if eliminated entirely.

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