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Learning how to save money

Jun 29, 2023
Bilal Ali
Core Spirit member since Jun 6, 2023
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I'm in my 20's and learning about the importance of money. It wasn't a huge deal for money until the COVID-19 Pandemic came. A lot of people lost their jobs. I was lucky to not be part of that list but I took a risk during the Pandemic to look for other opportunities but couldn't land one until the fall of 2020. Finding a job is tough and maintaining finances is tougher. I would like to share some strategies how I managed to learn and save money.

I didn't even had a consistent job and was badly struggling to pay rent. However, I had the support system in family and friends who helped me guide through difficult moments. I also read books like "Think and Grow Rich," "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "You Are a Badass at Making Money." All of these strategies helped me get a financial sense in maintaining wealth. Let's face it, wealth can be anything. It doesn't have to fall in a millionaire category. The important thing is to maintain that money in your bank account. If things go down, you need a safety net. Don't be like the Flying Graysons.

Here are some tips I would like to share that will help you maintain wealth.

  1. Have two separate accounts

Use one account for your daily expenses like food, transportation, rent, utilities and other expenses. Use the other account to save money. When you get your paycheck or return, transfer some of it to the other account so that it stays there.

  1. Buy stocks and mutual funds

The stock market can be iffy especially if you are not 100% invested in it. However, you need to build your assets. Stocks and mutual funds are easy to buy as a start. Buy stocks from large corporations or those that you know will stick around or have their businesses diversified like Disney, Amazon and Sony. Look for companies that are future-oriented. Mutual funds will help you gain wealth in a long span of time. You will earn dividends from stocks and mutual funds. They will look small but will help you in the long run. When you have enough money, go for bigger assets like real estate.

  1. Buy assets that you know will have its wealth increase

You probably been to antique stores and garage sales where you see old stuff that is worth millions. Look for stuff that will get you big bucks. Comic books, old toys, old LEGO sets, old train sets and video game consoles are examples.

  1. Try to be involved in side hustles

There is a concept I've heard from a Pakistani YouTuber in which he explained a way to earn money is to combine something you are good at with what the world needs. For example, a lot of people need self-improvement. If you are that person who knows how to help people or have experience helping people through counseling or mentoring, combine those two in a way that will help you make money. A qualification in Counseling or Mental Health will already assist you since people need therapy. What you can do is to work on your passions like painting, sculpting, cooking, making videos and use those skills to make money. YouTube is one way.. Look for avenues that will monetize your side hustles to help you get rich.

  1. Use your credit cards wisely

Credit cards are a liability. Yet you need them for getting a car or an apartment. Get a credit card that will help you get cash back but use it wisely. Or get the one that will give you points so you could use them for travel, gas, restaurants etc. Again, use credit card/s wisely. Only spend on stuff if you know you could pay it back.

  1. Charity

Build wealth not just for yourself but for others. There are people who cannot afford three course meals. Donate to charitable organizations that assist those who need basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing.

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