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This Knowledge Will Change the World! Scientists Uncovered The Secret of The Pyramids
Dec 3, 2017

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Sudan, a state of Africa, has more pyramids than Egypt. Even more, though, has South America — more than anywhere else in the world. Scientists around the world are still perplexed as to why ancient man made this structures.

Recently, though, Russian researchers may have found evidence of the pyramids’ purpose. With remarkable similarities, and unclear details of how they were constructed, pyramids have been a mystery since their modern-day discovery in the West.

Dr. Volodymyr Krashnoholovets, a physicist from the Ukraine, has spent over a decade building and researching pyramids. Endorsed by the Russian government, he created a 144-foot-tall pyramid outside of Moscow. Here’s a brief summary of his discoveries on the effects of pyramids, as explained in the video that follows:

1 . Immune function increases

2. Improved tissue regeneration

3. Seeds stored in the pyramid grow much faster

4. Pyramids repair ozone above them

5. Seismic activity is reduced near pyramids

6. Violent weather is also reduced near pyramids

7. Pyramids from Southern Russia appeared to increase oil production

8. Prisoners given food that had been in a pyramid’s energy field were less violent

9. Tissue culture tests showed improved survival rate after infection

10. Radioactive thresholds were lowered inside the pyramids

11. Conductivity is hugely affected within the pyramid’s field

12. Water will remain liquid to -40 Celsius, but freeze instantly if moved

Pyramids are truly amazing — capable of healing, vitalizing, and protecting. Watch this video for more information:

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