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Kayak Slalom: From the Beginning to The Present Day
Jan 29, 2021

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Kayak Slalom on whitewater began on 11 September 1932 in Switzerland. The games designer

announced Slalom is a whitewater test and his thought came from skiing, where the key terms change

from winter, day off Ski Slalom to summer, water and Canoe Slalom.

Sadly World War II started only six years after the primary Canoe Slalom rivalry was held in Switzerland

and the improvement of the game was hindered, especially in its Olympic movement. When the war

was finished, the main Canoe Slalom World Championships, under the support of the International

Canoe Federation (ICF), was coordinated in 1949 in Geneva, Switzerland.

From this date it is conceivable to separate the historical backdrop of Canoe Slalom into three periods:

from 1949 - 1972, from 1972 - 1992 and 1992 onwards.


The main period is portrayed by sensational changes. Collapsing and unbending material kayaks were

supplanted with fiberglass strengthened plastic boats at title occasions. Incredible Britain had its first

World Champion when Paul Farrant won the mens K1 World Title in 1959.

1972 – 1992

The second significant period was loaded up with changing and streamlining slalom controls just as with

expectations and dreams of slalom turning into an Olympic game once more. This time as well, acquired

sensational changes boat development.

Kayak Slalom made its presentation at the Olympic Games in 1972 with the course at Augsburg in

Germany actually utilized for International rivalry today. Shockingly after 1972, Canoe Slalom didnt re-

visitation of the Olympic program until 1992. During the last part of the 1970s and 1980s Great Britain

turned into the predominant power in Canoe Slalom with numerous medallists and the 1983 World

Championships remains Britains best Worlds in Canoe Slalom with 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronzes won.

1992 Onwards

The third period started with the renewed introduction of Canoe Slalom at the 1992 Olympic Games.

This was another time of changes to the slalom runs: the punishment and the two run framework were

changed. It was around this time that Canoe Slalom saw an enormous increment of interest outside of

its customary home of Europe and North America to any remaining mainlands. During this period Canoe

Slalom in Great Britain has kept on being effective at International level and locally with Gareth Marriot

winning silver in mens C1 slalom at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Generally Canoe Slalom has occurred on regular waterways, yet since 1992 there has been various

reason constructed counterfeit locales made for serious occasions. Almost all significant internationals

currently happen on fake destinations. Incredible Britain has four International standard whitewater

courses; Lee Valley Whitewater Course ( 2010), Cardiff Whitewater Course (2010), Holme Pierrepont

Whitewater Course (1986)and Teesside Whitewater Course (1995).

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