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Journey Through Lifetimes Part 4 – Why look at between lives and do a life review?
Jan 22, 2021

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It’s important as you Journey Through Lifetimes to visit between lives and then before your incarnation into your current lifetime that you do a life review of all your previous lives. You decide to incarnate on earth but why would you choose to leave somewhere that you felt at home in and at one with the Universe and source? As you look back at where you originally came from you realise that you ultimately decided to come to Earth to help all living things especially humans. You wanted to experience, learn and heal so that you could help Gaia and everything living on and within her to ascend and eventually go back to Source/God/Universe.

As you experience death in those lifetimes you often find loving energy around you or pulling at you towards a light, it may be family from that lifetime, your soul group, angels or other beings of unconditional love who are there to help and guide you into the afterlife, to your life between lives. Occasionally it may be hard to leave that lifetime as you feel you have unfinished business or the anger and pain are still strong which is why this loving energy in whatever form appears to help you leave that lifetime behind.

Once you get to the afterlife/ between lives you have the chance to look back at the life you have just left to see what lessons you needed to learn from that experience and if any healing needed to take place before you move onto your next experience on earth. This journey into different lifetimes and going to afterlife/in between lives doesn’t take place for every lifetime you have had but the ones that are most important to help you in your current incarnation.

In Journey Through Lifetimes (JTL) once you have experienced the lifetimes you needed to you get the chance to do a life review of all your previous incarnations that you have experienced to see if you have learnt the lessons you chose to experience in those lifetimes and whether you brought them into your current incarnation. This may have been a feeling of loneliness, anger, joy, community, judgement, love or many other emotional and physical experiences. If you haven’t learnt from them and the pattern continues in several lifetimes maybe from Atlantis (see JTL part 3) and into you current incarnation then whilst reviewing them you get a get a chance to heal and clear those patterns so that they no longer affect you in your current or next lifetimes.

When you have looked at, learnt, and healed from those experiences you get the chance to choose your current incarnation and what you want to learn, experience and most importantly why you chose to come to earth now. This can involve higher beings/energy/vibrations, your soul group and angels offering their guidance and unconditional love. They have no judgement but an understanding of beauty, joy, harmony and unconditional love that helps you re-connect with your natural state of unconditional love to assist you on your current lifetime choices. Because of the healing you have received in Journey Through Lifetimes you have cleared those limiting believes and patterns so you can make those changes in your current lifetime.

So has this journey finished or is there more to come?

Journey Through Lifetimes is a way to explore where you came from, what your first incarnation on earth was, what past lives do you need to learn from, why did you choose your present lifetime and most importantly what is your purpose/reason for being here on earth now so that you can take charge of your destiny.

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