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It's About Time For A Great Spiritual Resignation.

Oct 27, 2021
The Christ Dialogue
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This message is geared primarily towards Christians, since I happen to be a believer in Christ, but if you believe yourself to be living a Spirit filled life, then take from it what you will.

Imagine for a moment a house built on a hill in an enchanted forest. The occupants of this house are good people. They respect the land and the natural order of the general habitat. They live off of the land and give back when they can. There is a relationship of mutual love and respect between the household and the forest life. Things are good.

Then one day, the occupants of the house move out, and the new people move in, who lack respect for the very environment upon which they depend. They pollute the land, overhunt the wildlife, treat the animals with cruelty, and simply do not appreciate what they have, at all. This goes on to the point that the wildlife have simply moved on to a more hospitable environment.

Now the locals warned these people constantly, to respect the forest, lest the forest takes back its blessings, but being the fools they are, the new occupants laugh it off.

So one day, the trees conspire together: "Let us uproot ourselves the next time the rains come at mid-night and the soil becomes soft. Together we shall find a new home, where the land is respected, and the soil is good to our roots."

Thus the trees agree and wait for the opportune moment, and finally, the rainstorms come at mid-night with loud, terrible thunder. It softens the soil so that their roots easily free themselves, and the thunder covers the march of the enchanted trees, while the fools sleep in their drunkenness. The trees have freed themselves, and the Spirit has empowered their roots to become as legs, so that they could find a new home.

The forest has withdrawn its already alienated blessings, and with the tree roots no longer there to hold the earth together, the rains wash the fools and their house of vanities away...no one around to witness the calamity, no one to remember the fools who thought they owned the world.

For anyone who lives a Spirit filled life, seeking first the righteousness of God, you are the trees. As God blesses you, you grow strong and you share your blessings with your environment. Your branches provide shade to the wildlife, and homes to squirrels and birds. Your roots, together with the roots of the other trees hold the ground together, so that land dwellers can build their homes in stability.

The moral of the story: The world needs the righteous man more than the righteous man needs the world. Do not cast your pearls to the swine, when you know from experience that it will be trampled. All you have to do is move on, and the ground will be washed out from underneath the exploiters of the world, as they sleep.

If you notice that your presence is enabling the exploiters to continue their exploitation, then all you have to do is ask God to give you the power to relocate yourself, and your roots will become legs upon which you can simply walk away, and they will carry you to where ever the Spirit leads.

Do not be lulled into the false sense of security that the world promises you. The world has become a museum of empty promises, gaslighting, and threats. But you know better than to believe the world's propaganda. You know to walk by faith, and not by sight. God loves you, and He will take care of you so long as you abide in the love of Christ. You do not need anything from the world. It is the world that needs you.

Heaven and earth will pass away; do not pass with it.

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