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Improve Your Paintball Skills With These Tips and Tricks
Feb 5, 2021

Reading time 7 min.

Benefit from your Paintball Gun

Keep your firearm clean. After each game ensure that it is liberated from any paint or mud:

A burst pellet in the barrel will bring about truly helpless precision and can even forestall your weapon discharging.

Your firearm container contains the paint pellets and feeds them into the weapon break – it should be spotless and dry inside. On the off chance that you have been jumping near (or fallen over) you may have broken a paint pellet inside your container. The leftover pellets will be covered with paint making them remain together and lead to misfeeds and firearm blockages. After each game, have a brief glance inside your container – if there is paint inside, take the container off your firearm and bring it into the Neutral Zone (the container not the weapon). Snatch some tissue and tidy up all the pellets and within the container.

In the event that your firearm gets sloppy, it tends to be hard to hold onto and may likewise prevent the weapon from working. On the off chance that it’s sloppy wipe it down after the game.

Try not to get pellets from the floor

It’s continually enticing to re-use paint pellets that have been terminated as of now or that have been dropped. These appear as though free pellets however they will for the most part bring about a stuck firearm. The pellets have a gelatine shell. This ingests water actually rapidly and prompts delicate pellets (they will simply bob off) and the pellets will begin to grow (they become bigger and won’t fall through the container or they wont fit into the firearm barrel).

On the off chance that you dropped a couple of pellets when you were stacking your weapon and they are as yet dry and spotless, at that point they will be fine to utilize – in the event that they dropped into a puddle or mud, at that point leave them.

Try not to run running on empty

The Tippmann weapons are controlled by compacted carbon dioxide gas. Each weapon is fitted with a 20 ounce fuel tank that will offer you around 800 chances. At the point when the gas begins to run out, the pellets will begin to miss the mark and free speed. On the off chance that this happens request that a marshal check the weapon and if it’s running low they will fit another fuel tank.

The 800 shots for each tank applies to each time the trigger is pulled, only one out of every odd pellet that is discharged. A typical issue is individuals dry shooting the weapon (discharging the firearm without and pellets) when they are strolling back from a game/by the objective reach. In the event that you dry discharge the weapon multiple times after each game you are probably going to run running on empty at some stage – if this is partially through a game it’s truly baffling as you can’t shoot anybody.

The fuel tank has a little on/off valve where it joins the weapon. Tinkering with this round handle won’t make your firearm all the more remarkable – the solitary thing it will do is stop the gas arriving at the valve bringing about low/no force.

Quick Fire

The Tippmann weapon can discharge somewhere in the range of 5 and 8 shots for each second – in the warmth of fight anyway most players will just oversee 2 or 3 per second. The weapon is self-loader, implying that after each shot the trigger should be permitted to go ahead before the firearm will shoot again – you can’t simply hold the trigger down like an automatic rifle!

Except if you are utilized to quickly crushing a trigger it is difficult to make you time right. The accompanying tips might be helpful:

One shot that hits the objective is superior to ten shots that miss. Fast terminating isn’t fundamental – it might scare the adversaries (and look cool to your mates), however the game is tied in with shooting the rival.

On the off chance that you are battling to discharge the weapon rapidly, have a go at utilizing your center finger rather than your forefinger. It will in general be more grounded and quicker.

Ensure the pellets are taking care of into the weapon. Gravity is needed to permit the pellets to stream down from the container and into the firearm penetrate. On the off chance that you are inclining around a blockade, with the firearm on its side, the pellets won’t run tough – the weapon will make a commotion (dry discharging) however no pellets will come out. Continuously hold the firearm upstanding.


Except if you point the weapon you are probably not going to hit anything. Terminating from the hip may glance great in a film yet truly your pellets will fly everywhere.

The gas bottle on the firearm frames an ideal weapon stock that finds a way into your shoulder and balances out the weapon. Look along the highest point of the barrel and this will give you a smart thought where the pellets will go. Shoot a shot and watch where it goes. In the event that it drops shy of the objective point somewhat higher, if it’s to one side expect to one side.

This cycle of “strolling” your pellets onto the objective is the best procedure. You can get at least two pellets noticeable all around at a time, watch where they are proceeding to change your point likewise.

Paintball Playing Tactics

Any of the accompanying stunts may give you the edge in a Paintball game:

Use cover

On the off potential for success that you have in the open, you will get shot! Take cover behind blockades and considerable trees (a tree as wide as your wrist won’t help you). Move straightforwardly into to cover and afterward fire, don’t remain in the open professing to be Rambo.

Exclusive focus

Know about what is happening surrounding you. It is exceptionally simple to gaze directly ahead and zero in on only one player while overlooking the ten different players progressing to your side. Each couple of seconds examine to perceive what else is going on.


Possibly works when you keep still and you hush up. Because you are wearing camo overalls doesn’t imply that you are undetectable. When you move, individuals will see you.

Moving targets

They’re harder to hit. On the off chance that you are being taken shots at and you can’t fold yourself behind a pleasant blockade it very well might be an ideal opportunity to run! Flee in a crisscross example and you will be more enthusiastically to hit. On the off chance that you are behind a blockade and pellets continue coming in at you, it is typically in light of the fact that you adversary can see part of you/your unit. You will at last get taken out except if you wrap yourself up or run!

Work two by two

A straightforward and compelling strategy is to work in little gatherings (2 or 3 individuals). In the event that one player is nailed somewhere around the resistance, their accomplice can give covering fire from an alternate point.

Spread out

Assaulting a wooden cottage containing four adversaries is consistently incredible fun! However long you get a couple of pellets through the entryway or window you are probably going to hit one of them! Do whatever it takes not to bundle up together as you make a lot greater objective. Spread out behind various blockades/trees/cabins and the resistance should stress over taking shots at a few targets and not only one.

Check yourself

On the off chance that you feel a pellet hit you, generally verify whether the pellet has broken and checked you. Consistently we see players strolling off the game field thinking they are out, when truth be told the pellets bobbed. Recall that whenever you have said you are out you can’t adjust your perspective.

Go round the side

In the event that all the activity is going on in the center of the field it very well might be worth a couple of players taking off to the edge of the playing region. Sneaking down the sides can get the resistance uninformed and permit you to take out some central participants. Fire coming from your side and from the front (crossfire) is very diverting and makes it hard to move or fire back.

Dead Man’s Walk

A genuine “Old School” stunt - exceptionally unsafe and infrequently works, however worth a notice. During the game you essentially stand up and nonchalantly stroll towards the resistance – they may think you are out and totally disregard you! At the point when you are close, you either open fire or even get their banner and walk it back to your base. Ensured to pester the adversaries and there will be yells of cheat and treachery. However long you haven’t said you are out or held your weapon uncertain to flag that you are out it is in fact permitted!

Covering Fire

In the event that pellets continue hitting the blockade that your rival is holing up behind they won’t shoot back. While a partner puts down some covering fire, you can move to a superior situation to shoot them.


On the off chance that you are dwarfed – flee! Locate some better cover and work from your new position.

Out of Pellets?

In the event that you run out of pellets during a game you won’t have the option to shoot anybody, however the resistance won’t realize that. Your firearm will in any case make a commotion (they are probably not going to see that no pellets are being terminated). You can draw fire for your colleagues; you can snatch a banner and in numerous games live players toward the finish of the game score focuses. In the event that you are truly bold you can likewise get adversaries to give up!


You need to realize who is the place where and what they are doing. Intelligible and straightforward voice orders are everything necessary.

Working out an unpredictable arrangement of coded orders may sound noteworthy, yet following two or three minutes half of your group will have failed to remember what “Delta Force Code Green!” implies.

In the event that you are dwarfed and need some assistance – yell to tell your group. On the off chance that you hear a colleague calling for help, at that point do what you can to help them.

Know the guidelines

Each game has somewhat various principles. The principles will be clarified before each game.

Numerous games have been lost by players taking the banner to wrong headquarters or neglecting to check if any of the resistance are as yet alive.

Watch the Marshal

In the event that you are playing a game and notice a marshal standing near to, hope to perceive what they are watching. The marshals are there to take care of security and to official the game. They will in general move to where firefights will happen so they can settle on a reasonable choice.

In the event that you notice a marshal heading towards you, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to have a great glance around – there might be a rival crawling up on you!


A smoke explosive can be an incredible guide on the off chance that you get in a difficult situation! Check what direction the breeze is blowing, touch off the projectile and toss it upwind of where you need the smoke to go. Following 20 seconds a decent tuft of thick smoke should float across, permitting you to get away from concealed or to progress on the foe and shock them.

Smoke explosives are accessible on the day for {extra:paintball:Single Smoke Grenade} each or three for £7. Smokes are viewed as firecrackers thus must be offered to those matured 18 years and over.


In the event that you are adequately fortunate to in any case be in a bustling game following ten minutes you are presumably coming up short on pellets in your container (the container holds 200 shots). Conveying a couple of additional pots of paint (a pot holds 100 pellets) in a fight pack will permit you to reload during the game.

In the event that you do reload, attempt to do it before the resistance take an action on you!

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